Free Printable Weekly Homework Calendar to Keep Kids Organized

This homework calendar is great for keeping up with your homework assignments. Whether you’re in elementary school, middle school, high school, or are college students, staying organized is important!

Never forget about upcoming assignments again! The best part is you can use these in general or for each class. Have a math homework calendar, a social studies calendar, and so on and so forth.

'My School Week' weekly homework calendar page on a desk, surrounded by scattered pencils, pastels, pens and paint
These homework calendar printables are the fastest way to help your kid organize their week.

Free Printable Homework Calendar

Keeping kids homework organized is often a challenge which is why we have created this free printable homework calendar to help keep track of what needs to be done by when.

Help your kids remember and organize their homework with this weekly homework calendar while establishing good study skills.

Printable Homework Calendar for Kids

Raising your kids to be responsible and independent from a young age actually helps build confidence and foster self-esteem, and is a sure way to help them become responsible adults too.

1. Green and White My School Week Homework Calendar

'My School Week' weekly homework calendar page on a desk, surrounded by scattered crayons and pencils
Free “My School Week” weekly homework calendar for your little ones.

The colored version of this homework calendar is perfect for keeping track of all your work. You have a schedule space for each day and a homework assignment area with subject, assignment, and due date, with a check box.

2. Black and White School Weekly Homework Calendar

Free printable weekly school homework calendar, but black and white.

Don’t have a colored printer? That’s fine, we have a black and white weekly school homework calendar. We have a schedule area from Monday to Friday. We also have a section with homework assignments, subject, and due date, as well as a check box.

Download & Print Calendar Planning pdf File Here

Printable Weekly Homework Calendar For Kids

This weekly homework calendar printable set includes two versions: a full color template and a black and white template – and yes, both are free.


Your kids are going to love how easy it is to plan their school’s workload with this calendar – and YOU are going to love how independent they’ll become once they get the hang of it.

Plan Homework with Printable Schedule

Our free printable planning sheet will allow your kids to write their everyday activities for the entire week.

On the first block, write down each day’s subjects, and on the bottom block, write specific assignments with their due date – you can say goodbye to forgotten assignments!

Don’t forget to check it off with a checkmark when they’re done, as this will give them a sense of accomplishment.

'My School Week' weekly homework calendar page on a desk, surrounded by scattered pencils, markers, crayons and plastic ABC's
This weekly homework calendar is fun and colorful – or you can get the b&w version and color it on your own!

Using The Homework Calendar

A calendar is a great way to help school students keep on track. Whether it is a regular class like reading, science, or even something like physical education, this calendar is a must have for your child’s study life.

You can print as many as you want off. So you can have homework reminders in your binders, room, or fridge. This will keep your homework schedule running smoothly and help with time management skills. There is a spot for each day of the week you’re at school.

Now you can remember important things for upcoming classes like final exams and due dates. You can also write office hours for teachers you need to talk to or professors. Reminders to bring stuff to the school nurse. This homework schedule has room for everything!

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How is your child using the printable homework calendar? Has it helped keep the kids organized when it comes to homework at home?

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