20 Kitchen Organization Ideas for Families

Kitchen organization  is crucial when you have a family. It can make your life easier and less chaotic when you have a system for things.

The ideas here are crazy smart, and just putting one or two of them into place in your own home can make you feel so much more organized. Plus, there are so many ways you can create a space that lets your kids be more responsible! What a great bonus.

20 Kitchen Organization Ideas for Families

Kitchen Organization

Many of these awesome kitchen organization ideas allow you to use things you already have around the house, or to use different items for you kitchen. Some of these organization ideas are really cool, because I would have never thought of using certain things in this way.

20 Kitchen Organization Ideas for Families

Kitchen Zones Organization

Learning to do this kitchen zones organization technique will allow everything you use for a particular job goes together like a baking  zone and a coffee zone. via Clean Mama

Binder Storage Ideas

Have you considered binder storage ideas? Using a binder to organize it so smart and keeps everything in one place. Plan your meals, grocery lists, bill paying and just about everything else here.

Breakfast Station

Make this simple breakfast station so kids can get their own breakfast. Love it! via Love and Marriage

Kitchen Organization

Everyone comes through the kitchen and bam! There is stuff everywhere, but with these kitchen organization ideas, it will help keep the mess contained. Here is one of my favorite command centers with a place to keep backpacks, school papers and leave notes for one another. via Mom On Timeout

Refrigerator Storage Bins

Using refrigerator storage bins to organize your refrigerator keeps everything neatly placed and easy to get to. via Four Generations One Roof

Hangable Cups

Tired of seeing the sink full of dishes when people have only used cups once for water? We can help (this post contains affiliates) make sure your kids don’t dirty too many cups in a day with these hangable cups they can grab right from the side of the fridge. This will keep the clutter out of the sink!

Pantry Labels

Print out these pantry labels to help organize your pantry. These printable stickers can help you label everything in your pantry with these great free labels. There is almost every label you could think of here! via The Idea Room

Dish Drawer

Make it so that your kids can grab their own plates and bowls with this dish drawer just for them. It also helps them to be able to put away their own dishes. Love this. via The Kitchn

A charge station, binders, and how to make a menu are great ways to keep your kitchen organized.

Charging Station

Make this charging station where all the electronic chargers can stay so you always know where they are and they don’t make a big wire mess. via Driven by Decor

Fridge Mats

Make these easy fridge mats to make them easier to clean up crumbs and messes. via Hometalk

Label Maker

Keep a handheld label maker on hand to quickly add labels to lunches and leftovers!

Grab and Go Snacks

Perfect for after school snacking, keep a bin of approved snacks that kids can grab on their own. These grab and go snacks storage makes everything about snack time a little more hassle-free.

Hanging Kitchen Towels

Keep kids (and in my case, our dog) from pulling the dish towel off the stove handle by using velcro it! These hanging kitchen towels are so smart! via Heather Handmade

Coffee Creamer Container

Those empty coffee creamer containers make great storage for little things like cereal and snacks. Reuse them! via Frugal Elegance

Organization Hacks

Need some organization hacks to get your freezer orderly and neat? Those plastic shoe boxes are perfect for organizing the freezer!

Kitchen organization using pantry labels, metal baskets, and shoe racks.

Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas

You know those tiny top cabinets that never get used? Here are some kitchen cabinet storage ideas on how to utilize them! via The Home I Have Made

How To Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

This fun graphic shows you exactly how to set up your kitchen the right way to it is easier to manage. This is so smart and a great way to learn how to organize your kitchen cabinets! via The Kitchn

How To Make A Menu

Tired of everyone constantly asking what is for dinner? We this is how to make a menu so you won’t have to answer that question anymore. Make this simple wipe clean board to write down the weeks meals so everyone knows what you’re having. via Makes and Takes

Under The Sink Organization

This part of the kitchen, for me, is always a mess. Here is a beautiful and easy way to make it more functional. Who would have thought under the sink organization could be so easy? via I Heart Organizing

Wire Baskets

Use these pretty wire baskets to store dish towels and other things you want to get to quickly. via Golden Boys and Me

Organization Course

Ready to organize the entire house?  We LOVE this declutter course!  It’s perfect for busy families!

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