Looking for some great makeup storage ideas? We’ve got them! Whether you have a small space or you are tired of digging through multiple make up bags, we got you! We have help you organize makeup holders, your vanity drawer, medicine cabinet, large drawers…whatever. We can help you organize your makeup products like a makeup artist!

11 Genius Makeup Storage Ideas- baskets with makeup, drawer basket inserts, leather drawers, and white cups holding brushes, kids activities blog
These make up storage ideas are a game changer!

Make Up Organizing Ideas

These clever makeup storage ideas are going to make your bathroom counter so grateful whether you live in a small apartment, dorm room or have a small bathroom or a big one with a vanity table there never is enough space! My makeup seems to either be covering the counter or shoved in a bag or drawer (which means they break all the time).

These makeup storage ideas, makeup organizers and storage solutions are a great way to create more space. Get your make up collection in order! From makeup bags, mason jars, makeup brush holders, lipstick organizers, we found it all to help you keep your bathroom, bedroom, or vanity in order.

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1. Makeup Brushes

This IKEA plant potter turned makeup brush organizer is so smart! This inexpensive solution as a brush holder or your favorite lipstick easy to access on a daily basis.

2. Everyday Makeup Storage

These dollar store plastic bins are the best way to organize your makeup in a bathroom drawer. You can find everything so easily! Use the space in your top compartments of drawers to maximum accessibility by organizing smaller items for finding things easily during your beauty routine. Plus, who doesn’t love cheap makeup organizers? They make perfect drawer inserts. Though things like your lip liners may slip through some of the holes.

3. Vertical Space Storage

Add magnets to your makeup, and make a DIY magnetic board to stick them to! This is so fun. This simple solution does a great job utilizing makeup items when bathroom vanity countertops are small or you have limited drawer space.

4. Makeup Cases Go Big

For those of us with serious makeup addictions, this enormous cosmetic organizer will hold all your goodies. This great solution to makeup clutter will keep everything tidy even with the items are different sizes.

5. Nail Polishes Organized Like a Spa

A custom nail polish rack works great with makeup, too! One of my favorite things about getting a pedicure is the wall of nail polish to review before getting started. You can have that same easy way of storing polish just like the spa or beauty store.

6. Rolling Makeup storage Options

If you’ve got so much makeup it’s overflowing your drawers, try using a rolling cart. Genius! This rolling cart is so convenient for about a million things you need to organize at home, but beloved beauty products are at the top of that list! There is even enough space for your hair dryer, straightener and curling iron! It is like small rolling dressing tables.

7. Vanity Makeup Storage with a Giggle

Make these adorable brush containers with fun sayings on them. The good news is these are so cute with fun bright colors you will want to put them out on your bathroom countertop for easy access.

11 Genius Makeup Storage Ideas- ice trays for eye shadow, wine glasses for brushes, dollar tree baskets for drawer inserts, cabinet for nail polishes and lipsticks- kids activities blog
Clean up your bathroom, vanity, or table and get your make up organized with these great storage ideas.

8. Unexpected Storage Space

A traditional desk organizer works perfectly for makeup. You may even have one tucked away that you aren’t using for another reason. I have an acrylic organizer that I absolutely love using for my makeup collections.

9. Eye Shadow Palettes within Reach

I love wire baskets, so this storage idea for eye shadow pallets is perfect! I know that some of the eyeshadow palettes that I don’t use daily get shuffled into a position of LOST with all my storage issues and small room problems! This is such a simple solution to have a lot of makeup in an organized and usable place.

10. Ice Cube Trays

Ice trays make great drawer organizers for makeup like eye shadows. Use an ice cube tray for smaller items too like cotton swabs and even as a lipstick compartment.

11. Beauty Stores Upcycle

Make the perfect DIY makeup storage out of a recycled Sephora gift box. I love everything about this and it gives you a good reason to buy the next gift box because you know you will use it at home.

12. Learn to Declutter the Bathroom & Beyond…

Ready to organize the entire house? We LOVE this declutter course!  It’s perfect for busy families!

What are some of your favorite ways to organize your makeup?

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What are some of your favorite ways to organize your makeup?

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