Cereal box puzzles are a fun way to recycle old boxes and help your kids use their imaginations. The sky is the limit with this fun craft! Cereal Box Puzzle Main Image I got the idea to create cereal box puzzles from a lady at my church.   She was discussing how her kids learned early reading skills through interacting with and recognizing brands, and  this “recognition” was the first step for them in sight reading. One of her children has special needs and helping that child learn to recognize brands has helped make her more independent as she can now go get “her” cereal, etc.  We took that idea and ran with it, grabbing our favorite brands for this  activity.

Cereal Box Puzzles

Here’s what you need to make cereal box puzzles:
  • Empty cereal boxes (snack boxes work too!)
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  First we cut the fronts off of our boxes, then we drew random straight lines on the back as cutting guides. When my kids have better dexterity, I am sure we could have made the lines more curved, but for now cutting along a straight line was challenge enough. Then, we cut all our pieces out and had fun assembling our puzzle. You could also use markers to decorate the back of the box to create a double-sided puzzle. So fun!

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