money roll over

Magic tricks are fun for everyone.   Kids especially love trying to play magic tricks on others.   Unfortunately, many magic tricks require quick reflexes, palming of cards, or sleight of hand which are hard for little ones to master.

But there are some easy magic tricks out there that even young children can perform.   This Money Roll Over trick is the perfect example of this!   It is super easy to do and no fancy moves are required.

You’ll need 2 bills of different denominations.   My son started with a $10 bill which he placed on the table right in front of him.

ten dollar bill

Next, he placed the other bill perpendicular to the first bill.   He made sure to line up the side of the top bill with the bottom of the first bill.

placing bills for trick

Then starting from the bottom, he rolled the two bills up.   This may actually be the trickiest part of the whole magic trick!

rolling money


He unrolled the bills and *magically* the two bills had switched positions in the roll over with the first bill being on top of the second bill!

unrolling money

How in the world did that happen?   There is really no magic to this trick at all which is what makes it so wonderful for little kids. Try it out for yourself a few times and you’ll see.   The way you naturally unroll the bills actually flips the bills in the process.

With a trick like this, anyone could be a magician!

Note: This trick was found in the book Tricks with Dollar Bills: Another Way to Make Your Money Disappear by Robert Mandelberg, page 66.

Looking for a few more tricks up our sleeves?

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  1. Ooh what fun! I used to LOVE magic tricks a kid. What a great idea to explore these here and look forward to showing my son these.

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!

    Maggy & Alissa