18 Boat Crafts for Kids to Make

Row, row, row your boat, and see if you can make it float with these boat crafts for kids.

What child doesn’t love designing, decorating and trying to float a boat a that they’ve made from scratch? It’s just one of those classic summer activities that every kid has to try!

18 boat crafts for kids to make

Kid Boats

I’ve rounded up a collection of 18 boat crafts for kids to make this summer!  They’re easy and inexpensive, using materials you have around the home!

Your kids will love building these boats, and then the best part – seeing if they can set them afloat in a sink, pool or pond!

16 Ways To Craft A Boat

How To Make A Boat

Duct tape and sponge boats – the kids will love floating these around the bathtub!

How To Make A Paper Boat That Floats

Float a  juice-box boat around the kiddy pool!  What a fun, little upcycling project!

Craft Boats

You won’t believe what these sweet little wax boats are made from!

How To Make A Paper Boat

Send the owl and the pussy cat off to sea in this cute, little pea green boat.

How To Make A Boat Out Of Paper

A childhood just isn’t complete without making a simple but  classic paper boat craft.

Cork Boat

These  sparkly cork boats  are so easy to make, and they look so pretty!

recycled sail boat, applesauce cup boat, plastic tug boat

Boat Crafts For Kids

A simple sailboat is fun to decorate, and makes good use of your recyclables.

Mayflower Craft

These mini-Mayflowers are the perfect for floating around in the water-table.

Tug Boat

Make a self-propelled tug boat with a plastic container and a few simple supplies.

 cardboard canoe, sponge pirate ship, milk jug sailboats

DIY Canoe

Older kids will love making and decorating these tiny cardboard canoes.

DIY Pirate Ship

Arrrr, Matey!  A sponge pirate ship makes bath-time fun.

Milk Carton Boat

Milk or juice carton boats are perfect for small stuffies to sail away in!

3 homemade boats for kids to make

Walnut Boat

These adorable walnut boats would be fun for racing down a stream.

How To Make A Boat Out Of Popsicle Sticks

Personalize a simple paper row-boat complete with oars and all.

Homemade Boat

Make a tin-pan sailboat and watch it float down a tin-foil river!

cardboard sailboat, paper plate ship, laundry basket boat

How To Make A Cardboard Boat

This cardboard sailboat can be made in miniature or large enough for a little one to play in.

Basket Boat

A laundry basket sailboat provides endless pretend-play opportunities.

Pilgrim Boat

A paper plate ship can be easily decorated to suit any nautical theme.

Ship Ahoy!

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