How cute is this jellyfish craft? This jelly craft fish uses cupcake liners, is low-mess, and super easy to make. Making this simple jellyfish craft is perfect for kids of all ages especially: toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten kids. Our jellyfish craft is a budget-friendly and perfect for home or in the classroom.

cupcake liner jelly fish no mess craft for kids - blue finished jellyfish craft shown hanging on a white background
Let’s make a cupcake liner jellyfish craft!

Easy JellyFish Craft for Kids

This low-mess jellyfish kids craft is perfect year round and great for kids of all ages. Using simple things you have around the house, you can create this adorable jellyfish to hang from the ceiling or in a special place. It will take just a few minutes to make this simple jellyfish.

One of the reasons I love this jellyfish craft is that we had all the supplies on hand. Don’t be afraid to substitute craft supplies so you don’t have to make a trip to the craft store.

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Supplies Needed

How To Make Preschool Jellyfish Craft

Jellyfish craft for kids using cupcake liner and ribbon - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make a jellyfish craft out of ribbon and cupcake liners!

Step 1

Start by cutting your gift ribbon into 12 pieces that are 18 inches long each.

Step 2

Tape the ribbon onto the top of one of the cupcake liners, so that it hangs down the sides to form the tails of the jelly fish.

Go all the way around the cupcake liner, taping the ribbon as you go so it hangs down every side.

Step 3

Run the craft tape along the top of the taped cupcake liner and press the second one onto the top, covering the tape and the top parts of the ribbon.

Step 4

Use the craft tape or glue to add two googly eyes to your jelly fish! Easy, peasy, and so cute!

Low Mess Crafts For Kids

low mess crafts for kids by debbie chapman
What a great idea! So many low mess crafts for kids.

This jellyfish craft was inspired by our friend Debbie Chapman who wrote this really fun craft book, Low-Mess Crafts for Kids by Debbie Chapman! This gorgeous book is the perfect boredom buster. You can just hand it to your kiddo and tell them to get crafting. And the best part is that EVERY SINGLE CRAFT is low-mess… so there won’t be tons of clean up after!

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How did your jellyfish craft turn out?

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