Living Sand Dollars Are Beautiful On Top, And Horrifying On The Bottom!

One of the best parts of going to the beach is exploring the sand and finding hidden treasures.

One of my favorites was always sand dollars. I loved the star on their backs and their beautiful white coloring.

Sadly, until today I never realized that that’s what a sand dollar looks like after it dies.

sand dollar in the sand from the top
This is what we think of Sand Dollars looking like!

Also, just because it’s pretty darn amazing, here’s what’s inside a sand dollar…they look like little doves!

Inside a sand dollar

Turns out, living sand dollars are actually dark purple.

You can kinda see it here in this picture, but in real life the colors are much brighter…

What Sand Dollars Really Look Like - Kids Activities Blog

When they first die, they start to fade, but retain that star shape.


But when they’re alive?

They’re still so pretty.

Until you flip them over.

What Does the Underside of a Sand Dollar Look Like?

Apparently the underside of a sand dollar is where nightmares come from.

The bottom of a sand dollar has hundreds of wiggling flanges that move food toward their mouth at the center…that hole we see on the bottom.

Seriously, you have to see what these things look like!

Video of the Bottom of a Sand Dollar

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