Let’s Make a Marble Tubes Game to Play

This Marble Tubes game is made of recycled toilet paper tubes and it is fun to both craft and play for kids of all ages. This fun kids craft works well at home with kids of different ages helping or in the classroom. It uses things you already have on hand.

Marble Tube 2 toilet paper tube craft

Toilet Paper Tube Crafts for Kids

There are so many different crafts you can make from  recycled toilet paper tubes, and if you have younger kids not old enough to make this craft, I know you’ll love this Baby Play Station.

I love to create crafts with things I have around the house and recycled materials.

What I love about this craft is that the kids also have an activity to do once it is all complete. It becomes a game they can enjoy over and over.

Marble Game Made from Toilet Paper Rolls

If you don’t have and don’t want to buy foam letters, don’t worry. Markers, stickers and crayons are another alternative. This is a great game for kids to work on addition as they keep score based on where the marbles land.

All the things we used could be substituted for things you already have.

Materials Needed

  • Toilet Paper Rolls, Craft Rolls or Paper Towel Tubes
  • Lid to a Box
  • Colored Paper
  • White Glue
  • (optional) Double Stick Tape
  • Foam Letters, Numbers and Decorations
  • Marbles

Instructions for making the Marble Tubes Game

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Step 1

Cut a strip out of your toilet paper tubes about 1 1/2 inches side. I needed 6 tubes to fit the length of my lid, but sizes may vary.

Step 2

Place your cut tubes in the lid of a box and mark cutting lines for both length and height.

Step 3

Cut lid to size.

Step 4

Glue toilet paper tubes into the lid of the box, keeping the cut portion facing up and the glued portion touching the lid.

1-marble tube toilet paper tube craft Apr 30, 2014, 12-27 PM

Step 5

Trace around a bowl to create the “Marble Tubes” sign for your craft. Cut this out and then cut it in half, leaving you with a half-circle.

Step 6

Let the kids choose from a  variety of foam stickers. They will decorate the lid with these stickers and also need letters to spell out the word “Marble Maze.” They will also want numbers to represent the score of each tube. If you don’t have foam stickers, they can always use regular stickers or markers to create their designs.

Step 7

Have the kids stick their “Marble Maze” stickers onto the half circle paper. Once done, fold the bottom of the half circle up about an inch. This will become the tab to glue it to the lid. Glue it to the front edge of the lid.

1-marble tubes toilet paper roll crafts Apr 30, 2014, 12-39 PM

Step 8

Let the kids decorate the box with stickers or coloring utensils.

Step 9

Cut out circles for the tops of each of the tubes. These will represent the score a child receives for rolling a marble in that tube.

Step 10

Put score numbers on each of these circles. You can use whatever numbers you want. These become great for kids who are learning to add as well. You could put multiples of tens or fives for kids learning to skip count. You could do bigger numbers for older or more advanced children.

Step 11

Adhere the circles with the score numbers to the front of the game and the top of each tube using white glue or double stick tape.

Step 12

It is time to enjoy the game. Kids take turns with an equal number of marbles. Keep score for a designated amount of rounds and see who comes out the winner. Some of this is luck, so little kids will be able to compete against the older ones.

It’s time to start creating with your kids. Remember to use their math skills as you keep score.

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How did your marble game craft turn out? Was the game a big competition at your house?

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