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We are continuing our Marble League series, and now it’s time to learn about the Pinkies marble racing team!

And we also made cool printables for Pinkies’ fans, so don’t forget to get them check them out!

Pinkies marble runs team logo printable
We made some pretty cool Pinkies printables to make your day more colorful!

The Pinkies are a light pink team, introduced in Marble League 2016. And although they have participated in every Marble League tournament so far, they are considered to be one of the worst overall performers.

But that’s fine, since it’s all about having fun, right?!

Pinkies Marble League 2020

Image Source: Marble Sports
The logo for Pinkies includes their official colors and a hand sticking its pinky out!

Everything you need to know about the Pinkies

The Pinkies’ original and current team members Pinky Rosa, Pinky Winky, Pinkydink, and Pinky Toe. Pinky Panther was introduced in 2018 as a reserve, and at the beginning of the 2019 season, Pinky Rosa was appointed as team captain.

Their hashtag is #PinkyPower, so show your support by posting it everywhere!

Pinkies Marble League marbles(1)
Image Source: Marble Sports
The four official members of the Pinkies… don’t you think they look like the Snowballs?

Pinkies Marble League Medals:

  • 1 Gold
  • 1 Silver
  • 3 Bronze

Total: 5 medals

Pinkies participating in the 2018 Marble League
Image Source: Marble Sports
During the 2018 100m Water Race, the Pinkies were in the back row of the starting gate but finished in the top ten!

The Pinkies’ best event is:

  • Dirt Race (2019)

The Pinkies Team members

Don’t forget to check out the Pinkies Printables that we made for you!

Pinkies Marble League Printables
Use crayons, watercolors, paint or whatever you prefer to color these printables!
  • Pinky Rosa:
    Active years: 2016 – Present
    Color: Pink
    Marble League Medals: 0
    Best event: 10 Meter Sprint (2016), Hurdles (2017)
  • Pinky Winky:
    Active years: 2016 – Present
    Color: Pink
    Marble League Medals: 0
    Best event: Long Jump (2016), 5 Meter Ice Dash (2018), Ski Jump (2018)
  • Pinkydink:
    Active years: 2016 – Present
    Color: Pink
    Marble League Medals: 0
    Best event: 5-meter Sprint (2017)
  • Pinky Toe:
    Active years: 2016 – Present
    Color: Pink
    Marble League Medals: 1 Gold (Dirt Race 2019), 1 Bronze (Funnel Race 2017)
    Best event: Dirt Race (2019)

The Pinkies Trivia

  • The Pinkies do not have an official rival, buuuuut their fans consider the O’rangers and Mellow Yellow to be their rivals, mostly because all of them are marbles of solid colors.

Pinkies Printables

Pinkies Printables 2020 Marble League
If you are a fan of the Pinkies, check out our free printables for an afternoon filled with marbles and colors!

Get our free Pinkies Printables! They include one big Pinkies coloring poster and 4 Marble trading cards to draw and color Pinkies team members!

Download here:

More Marble League Fun

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