We are continuing our Marble Runs series! We love getting to know everything about our favorite teams. Have you picked your favorite yet?

Today we are learning all about Mellow Yellow, a team that has appeared in all four editions of the Marble League!

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Marble League Mellow Yellow team
Image Source: Marble Sports
Mellow Yellow is a yellow team from Amantla and were introduced to the Marble League in 2016.

All you need to know about Mellow Yellow Racing Team

The Mellow Yellow is a completely yellow marble team. The team has won eight medals across two years!

Marble League Yellow Mellow
Image Source: Marble Sports
Take a look at the team members! From left to right: Yellah, Yellow, Yelley and Yellup.

Mellow Yellow have qualified in all Marble League editions! They are one of the most notable teams, having won a total of 11 medals across the years.

They had a strong start in the first Marble League, earning SIX medals in Marble League 2016, the first edition of this tournament, and prequalifying for the next tournament.

Then, in Marble League 2017, they came back home with other six medals! Mellow Yellow prequalified for Marble League 2018 along with O’rangers and Savage Speeders.

Sadly, things didn’t go as well in Marble League 2018, since they didn’t get any medals. But don’t worry, because in Marble League 2019 they got fourth place and a cool six medals.

Marble League 2016 Mellow Yellow
Image Source: Marble Sports
Mellow Yellow’s second medal of the 2016 season!

Mellow Yellow’s best events are:

  • Sand Rally (2016)
  • Quartet Diving (2016)
  • 5-Meter Sprint (2017)
  • High Jump (2017)
  • 5 Meter Sprint (2019)
Marble League 2016 Mellow Yellow's iconic photo
Image Source: Marble Sports
The iconic photo that defined the 2016 season!

Mellow Yellow’s team members

Yellah, Yellow, Yelley and Yellup were the original and current members of Mellow Yellow.* Yellow became team captain in 2019.

  • Yellah:
    Active years: 2016 – Present
    Color: Yellow
    Marble League Medals: 1 Gold (High Jump, 2017
  • Yellow:
    Active years: 2016 – Present
    Color: Yellow
    Marble League Medals: 2 Gold (5-meter sprint, 2017 and 2019), 1 Bronze (Water race, 2016)
  • Yelley:
    Active years: 2016 – Present
    Color: Yellow
    Marble League Medals: 1 Gold (Sand Rally, 2016)
  • Yellup:
    Active years: 2016 – Present
    Color: Yellow
    Marble League Medals: 1 Silver (Hurdles, 2016)

    *Yellim is the reserve member of Mellow Yellow since 2018 and hasn’t won any medals yet.

Mellow Yellow’s Trivia

  • Mellow Yellow is one of four active solid color teams. The others are the O’rangers, Snowballs, and Pinkies.
  • Mellow Yellow shares a rivalry with Savage Speeders due to close finishes at the end of Marble League 2016 and Marble League 2017.

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