We are continuing our Marble Runs series with fun facts and activities like printables and scores cards for each marble racing team, and today it’s all about Turtle Sliders, one of the cutest marble racing teams!

marble runs turtle sliders team logo printable

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Everything you need to know about the Turtle Sliders

Although they haven’t participated in a Marble League yet, the Turtle Sliders won everyone’s heart in the 2019 Fan Team Contest as they got second place.

Turtle Sliders 2019 Marble League Showdown
Image Source: Marble Sports
Look at their logo! Isn’t it the cutest?!

The Turtle Sliders are blue with yellow and brown stripes, and they started their marble racing career in the Seven Seas Circuit, where they raced against other teams from Oceania.

Actually, they have a long history of trying to defeat the Oceanics in the Seven Seas Circuit, and they were even close to defeating them one time, but the Oceanics have left the circuit to focus on the Marble League.

Turtle Sliders fans 2019 Jelle's Marble Runs(1)
Image Source: Marble Sports
Turtle Sliders’ fans supporting their team no matter what!

Sadly, once the Oceanics left the Seven Seas Circuit, the Turtle Sliders lost interest.

Shelly, the only original remaining member of the Turtle Sliders, said, “They felt like they had lost a sense of porpoise—I mean, purpose. Sorry. But I never lost that passion, and my hope was that I could inspire other athletes to do the same.”

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Turtle Sliders 2020 Marble Runs
Image Source: Marble Sports
The Turtle Sliders and the Kobalts… which is your favorite team of the two?

The Turtle Sliders secured their place in the 2019 Marble League Showdown thanks to their fans’ love (and votes!)

Sadly, even with all this love and enthusiasm, they finished in 11th in the 2019 Marble League Showdown, so they didn’t qualify for the 2020 Marble League.

Turtle Sliders Jelle's Marble Runs
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Turtle Sliders Team Members

The Turtle Sliders’ team members are Shelly (the only original member left in the team), Crush, Squirt and Dash, while Frank plays as a reserve.

Splint is their only coach so far, and we really hope he manages to lift up the Turtle Sliders’ spirit!

The Turtle Sliders’ best event is Collision, in the 2019 Marble League Showdown.

Turtle Sliders Printables

Turtle Sliders 2020 Marble League Printables
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More Marble League Fun

Race Your Own Marbles At Home!

My kids couldn’t wait to start their very own Marble League!

I am always a fan of new STEM games, for them, so I did a bit of research on what options were out there.

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An easy and affordable choice was this Marble Run Construction Set! With 196 pieces and unlimited combinations, I couldn’t believe how low the price is!

Let’s play your Marbles!

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