As with every sport, Marble Runs has its own fun yearly leagues as well where different teams compete to get the first place. And Marble Runs is no exception, as it has many different tournaments and rallies which are fun to watch with your family.

Even if it was a couple of years ago, watching the 2016 Marble League is a great way to get to know more about this peculiar sport and start picking your favorite team and marbles.

Before we get started, pick your favorite team! Remember that you can base your decision on anything! That’s what makes watching this sport amazing, it’s just pure random and luck. So pick a team based on what the logo looks like, the color of the marbles or on the name, and go watch the 2016 Marble League!

Marble League 2016 Events

The 2016 Marble League was the very first edition of the Marble League, which consisted of 16 teams and 12 events.

Each event has its own interesting thing: for example, “Balancing” is composed of a long, straight track made of clear plastic blocks. There is also a tape measure stretched out alongside the blocks to help the judges determine the distance each marble traveled before falling off the ramp and hitting the ground.

There is also the “Relay Race”, “Long jump”, “Wate race” and tons of other cool events that make Marble racing super exciting.

Kid’s favorite usually is “Collision”, which is an event that features a course made of glass blocks and dominoes. And as you would expect, it’s all about… crashing!!

Two teams crash into each other after rolling down two ramps onto a flat square with dominoes on the side.

How do they choose the winner? Well, in this event, the team with the most marbles still on the square wins. Like I said, it’s so exciting!

If you can’t decide which one to watch, you definitely have to start with “The Sand Rally”. It’s probably the most famous and iconic event of the Marble League, where marbles roll down a long, smooth, and difficult course and “fight” to get to the first place.

For kids who love water, we have something for them too! “The Water Race” takes place in a stream with two waterfalls that are dangerous to the marbles rolling downstream.

Be ready to see some shattered marbles in the form of debris!

The Marble League 2016 Winners

The fun thing about Marble Runs is how simple it can be. For example, Rojo Cuatro was disqualified for purposefully blocking other marbles. You will get many other surprises while watching the 2016 Marble League.

Image Source: Marble Sports

Marble teams earned points in each event, and their total scores were used to determine the Marble League 2016 winners.

Each event had its own winner, but the final standings from this Marble League were:

  1. Savage Speeders
  2. Mellow Yellow
  3. Thunderbolts
  4. Team Momo
  5. O’rangers
  6. Rojo Roller
  7. Jawbreakers
  8. Balls of Chaos
  9. Kobalts
  10. Oceanics
  11. Team Galactic
  12. Team Primary
  13. Chocolatiers
  14. Snowballs
  15. Limers
  16. Pinkies

The first four teams were prequalified for the Marble League 2017!

Marble League 2020 Printables
Who’s going to be the winner of the Marble League 2020? Follow this tournament with these free printables!

Marble League 2016 Printables

We love printables here at Kids Activities Blog, and marbles are SO cute, so of course we had to make some printables for this special sport!

Our printables include:

Want more? Each team has its very own free printable! Don’t forget to their pages and download them.

More Marble League Fun

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Part of me hopes she will start her very own Marble League!

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