Let’s continue getting to know all about Jelle’s Marble Runs! Marble Runs has become famous in the past years thanks to its creative ways of making marbles race and get points.

The Marble League is a yearly event where different marble teams compete against each other to win the first place.

Many kids and adults love watching these races because every year, the creators of the game make it more exciting by adding different tracks and challenges. It’s like watching the Olympics — but with marbles!

Marble League 2018
Source: Marble Sports
This year, the tournament’s theme was winter, and it contained 12 events where 16 teams competed to get the first place.

The 2018 Winter Marble League was the third edition of the Marble League, which was also the first winter edition. It contained all-new fun, winter-based events that made this edition more exciting than the rest.

The Marble League 2018′ was also the first edition to feature a “host” team. This year, the “Snowballs” were the host team.

And did you know this was the first Marble League to be organized by the International Marble Sport Committee? This is when Marble Runs started getting pretty serious about these tournaments!

Source: Marble Sports
Located in The Arctic Circle, this arena is home to the Snowball’s Royal Family.

The first three places of the Marble League 2017, O’rangers, Savage Speeders and Mellow Yellow qualified automatically, as well as the event’s hosts, The Snowballs.

Marble League 2018 Events

This year had all-new exciting events, for example:

  • 5 Meter Ice Dash: a race with a track made of smooth plastic with no barriers between the marbles, similar to slipping on ice.
  • Ski Jump: The marbles roll down a track and soar into the air, trying to jump as far as possible.
  • Bobsled: Competitors slid down a course made of snow and ice in a 3D printed bobsled.
Marble Runs Bobsled
Source: Marble Sports
Team Momo’s sled stopped, so there was a retry. This was because Momomo fell ill due to altitude sickness.
  • Snow Rally: Similar to the sand race, marbles race down a hill of snow and get points based on their position.
  • Sand Mogul Race: Four marbles from different teams race down a slope made of sand. The fastest two marbles across the line move on to the next round!

These are not all the events in the Marble League 2018 but it should give you an idea of how fun it was! You can read about the Marble League 2017 and Marble League 2016 to learn all about the Marble Runs tournaments.

Marble League 2018 Winners

After lots of exciting events, obstacles, and kind-of-friendly competition, the winners were announced:

  1. Midnight Wisps
  2. Savage Speeders
  3. Oceanics
  4. O’rangers
  5. Balls of Chaos
  6. Hazers
  7. Snowballs
  8. Raspberry Racers
  9. Thunderbolts
  10. Crazy Cat’s Eyes
  11. Team Galactic
  12. Team Momary
  13. Minty Maniacs
  14. Limers
  15. Mellow Yellow
  16. Pinkies

As always, the first 3 teams prequalified for the Marble League 2019! However, since Oceanics were selected as hosts for the next year, the O’rangers took their place in the prequalification team.

Excited to know about who were the winners in the Marble League 2019?

Marble League Teams
No matter what’s your favorite team, we have fun printables for all of them!

Marble League Printables

We love printables here at Kids Activities Blog, and marbles are SO cute, so of course we had to make some printables for this special sport!

Our printables include:

Want more? Each team has its very own free printable! Don’t forget to their pages and download them.

More Marble League Fun

Create Your Own Marble Runs!

My kids couldn’t wait to start their very own Marble League!

I am always a fan of new STEM games, for them, so I did a bit of research on what options were out there.

This article contains affiliate links as an Amazon Associate.

An easy and affordable choice was this Marble Run Construction Set! With 196 pieces and unlimited combinations, I couldn’t believe how low the price is!

Let’s play your Marbles!

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