Let’s play with math today! We have a list of the best homemade cool math games that make math fun!  So whether you are looking for entertainment or a learning math game for home, homeschool or the classroom…we have the best cool math game ideas around.  There are so many ways to play with numbers…

Cool Math Games
Let’s play some cool math games!

Best DIY Cool Math Games

Why math games? We home-school and as we have added new kiddos to our family we ended our “school time” earlier than normal and I am looking for ways to ease back into a form of “catch-up” school time with some fun games.

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These cool math games are perfect for helping our kids keep learning alive and refreshing their math skills.

1. Negative Number Hopscotch 

cool math game - reverse number hopscotch game for kids - driveway with chalk hopscotch game that is double long with positive numbers on one side and negative numbers on the other
Let’s play math hopscotch!

Thanks to Learning Ideas for inspiring today’s theme. I just LOVE her hopscotch in positive and negative numbers. That is brilliant. I have struggled incorporating negative numbers into our kids curriculum. 

2. Flyswatter Game

cool math game - child with flyswatter hitting numbers with fly swatter on the wall
Let’s play a math game with a fly swatter!

Number Fly Swatter Game – This game is silly and will get the wiggles and giggles out as well!

3. Dice Math Game

cool math game - numberals card game - children on blanket playing with numbered cards
Let’s play a math card game!

Numbers Card Game – This simple game can be created with a few pieces of paper and dice.  It will help those who are learning numbers.

4. Shape Math

cool math game - bag with child's hand inside that contains shape blocks
Let’s play a math game about shapes!

Geometric shapes – Here is a hands-on activity to get kids feeling math!

5. Homemade Dominoes

cool math game - homemade rock dominoes with ladybug painted dots from the fairy and the frog
Let’s play a math game with dominoes that we make from rocks!

Make stone dominoes. I love how they made a set of stones labeled with both numbers and one with the amount. Great for young learners.

6. Snap Plus One

cool math game - card game to practice math - family playing cards on the floor
Let’s play a math game with cards!

Snap Plus One – This game is great for elementary age kids.  It is a card game with a twist.

7. Number Toss

cool math game - egg carton number toss - egg carton pieces with numbers on floor
Let’s play a math toss game!

Play number toss.   This game is super simple to make with an old egg carton.   What a fun and versatile math game.

8. Collage Math

cool math game - a dice game shape collage - colorful felt shapes all lined up
Let’s play a felt shape math game!

Shape Collage – This simple game for preschoolers teaches geometry with play.

9. Number Hunt

cool math game - outdoor number hunt - popsicle sticks with numbers attached from 1 - 10
Let’s go on a number hunt with this cool math game!

Go on a number hunt. Have your sheet of math problems and when your kids figure out the answer have them let you know by running to the number! 

10. Dominoes & a Deck of Cards

cool math game - math games with dominoes and cards - a stack of dominoes on the top of a set of uno cards
Let’s play a math game with dominoes and cards!

Dominos and a Deck of Cards – Math concepts are fun and games with these traditional family game night supplies!

11. Water Bead Math

cool math games - water bead math games - colorful water beads all pushed together
Let’s play a math game with water beads!

Water Bead Math Game – I love the feel of these and they can be put in play for math too!

12. Tic Tac Toe Cool Math

cool math game - tic tac toe with numbers instead of X and O with red line crossing through even numbers
Let’s play a tic tac toe math game!

Playing Tic-Tac-Toe with negative versus even numbers.

More Cool Math Games & Resources for Kids

What math game are you going to try first at your house?

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  3. Great to make Maths fun. I used to love maths, but know plenty of kids who need to see that maths can be fun too. This is a great set of activities and help!

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    1. Now that I have the full assignment, I will inlcdue a bit of information about the educational value of this website. As I previously mentioned, this is not the most efficient way to learn. The educational value is that it is a fun way to learn and this may reach those that don’t like math. Furthermore, website is very inspirational especially if a school takes advantage of having the group come out to their school to sing. This inspiration is great when it is followed by some concrete math to reinforce what they learned by singing.

  4. Thanks for featuring us and for your ideas of how we could use our number hunt again. Thanks!