Playing with marbles is an activity that both children and adults can enjoy. Like so many other indoor games, kids can play with marbles inside or outside the house.

Bored kids? Try these indoor games to make staying at home the fun-est!

If you are just becoming familiar with Marble Runs, specifically Jelle’s Marble Runs, then get ready for a wild ride!

Jelle’s Marble Runs are, in simple words, a bunch of marbles racing against each other! But it’s not as simple as that: there are marble race tracks, different teams, events, challenges and lots of more exciting things.

The best part is that you can support your favorite team from the comfort of your house! Marble races are completely free you and your little ones can watch it on YouTube.

The Marble League 2017

 The Marble League 2017 was the second edition of the Marble League, which consisted of 16 teams and 12 events.

What made special this season was that it included fan cheering sections in the stands.

Marble Runs
Source: Marble Sports
This edition is special because it featured “fans” cheering for their favorite marble teams for the first time!

This was also the first Marble League season that injured a marble, Momomomo, in Event 3, Fidget Spinner Collision.

In the Fidget Spinner Collision, both teams of marbles roll towards each other from opposite ends of the arena, but the cool part is that they add fidget spinners in each corner to make it all more exciting.

Marble League 2017 All events
Source: Marble Sports
Marble League 2017 was filled with exciting new tracks and fun races!

This season featured an underwater track! Four marbles from different teams rolled down a track submerged in water.

One of my favorite ones is the long jump: this track has a long ramp that the marbles use to build up speed for their jump, and then jump into sand (yes, just like we do at the Olympics!) The further the marble jumps, the higher in the rankings they finish.

The Marble League 2017 Winners

After an exciting round of fun events, the final winners from the Marble League 2017 were:

  1. O’rangers
  2. Savage Speeders
  3. Mellow Yellow
  4. Midnight Wisps
  5. Team Galactic
  6. Pinkies
  7. Shining Swarm
  8. Chocolatiers
  9. Team Momo
  10. Limers
  11. Oceanics
  12. Thunderbolts
  13. Jawbreakers
  14. Team Primary
  15. Jungle Jumpers
  16. Quicksilvers

The first 3 places were prequalified for the Marble League 2018!

Marble League 2020 Teams
No matter what’s your favorite team, we have fun printables for all of them!

Marble League 2017 Printables

Keeping track of your favorite teams and marbles is something you want to do if you’re interested in this sport — and we know you are! That’s why we made a pack of printables to help your kid practice coloring, counting, and more skills, all while having fun.

Our printables include a coloring template so you can make your own trading cards, a page with all the logos, a scoring sheet, and coloring pages for each team.

Our printables include:

Want more? Each team has its very own free printable! Don’t forget to their pages and download them.

More Marble League Fun

Build Your Own Marble Runs!

With as much fun as my kids were having watching the Marble League, I knew hours of fun could come from a kit of their very own!

I am a believer in the power of STEM games. So, I did a bit of research on what options were out there!

It was very important to me that I found an option that I felt would be safe for my littlest one.

This article contains affiliate links as an Amazon Associate.

Build marble run tracks, together, with this fantastic Marble Race Track! A lot of the reviews mentioned having kids close to mine’s ages and that is really reassuring.

Let’s play marbles!

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