Who doesn’t love marbles?! Sure, there are other games or toys to play with, but marbles hold a very special place in our hearts. With all those different colors and sizes, it’s very easy to keep yourself busy for a while playing with them!

After the Winter Marble League 2018 was over, the fourth edition of the Marble League was announced!

The oceanics team Marble League
Image Source: Marble Sports
The Oceanics were the host team for the Marble League 2019, which took place in the Seven Seas Stadium.

This year’s hosts were the Oceanics, a blue themed marble team that has competed in every Marble League so far.

Fun fact: The Oceanics are famous for their ironically poor performance in water events. Not what you’d expect!

This tournament consisted of sixteen events in which the sixteen qualified teams competed to win medals and points. However, so many things happened this year that made this tournament an interesting one.

If you want to know what happened that made this Marble League a special one, just keep on reading!

2019 Marble League Events

Marble League 2019 Racing
Image Source: Marble Sports
The 2019 Marble League began with a big opening ceremony, introducing each of the colorful competitors!

This year, two new teams debuted: Indigo Stars and Green Ducks. Yay!

But also, six teams retired or declined participation in the 2019 Marble League: Quicksilvers, Gliding Glaciers, Team Plasma, Minty Maniacs, Black Jacks, and Golden Orbs, leaving the tournament with 16 competitors.

Marble League Block Pushing
Block Pushing made an exciting comeback this year after not being part of the tournament for two years!

The 2019 Marble League was filled exciting events, the most memorable being:

  • Underwater Race: The marbles roll down the starting ramp into the water and then roll along the track until the finish line; however, this track was shortened because the competitors had trouble holding their breath underwater!
  • Relay Run: One marble from each team rolls down part of the track as quickly as they can until they crash into the next marble, setting them off to complete their part of the race.
Marble League 2019 Rafting
Image source: Marble Sports
Rafting is one of the most exciting water events, because every single second counts if they want to win!
  • Hubelino Maze: All marbles from each team participate in this event. They roll through a maze and gain points the further they get down the maze.
  • Dirt Race: One marble from each team rolls down a dirt track, and the first four teams across the finish line from each heat move on to the next round. Definitely a kid’s favorite!
  • Rafting: The teams sail down a stream of water in rafts one at a time. The team with the fastest time wins. If a marble falls out of the raft, the team gets 1 penalty second added to their time. If a raft gets stuck on the course, the team gets 2 extra attempts.

Marble League 2019 Winners

Like we said, this season was special and different from the others!

The Oceanics were the only team that didn’t win any medals, which is even more embarrassing for them as they were the host team!

So this is the final standings looks like for the Marble League 2019:

  1. Raspberry Racers
  2. Green Ducks
  3. Hazers
  4. Mellow Yellow
  5. Savage Speeders
  6. O’rangers
  7. Jungle Jumpers
  8. Team Galactic
  9. Balls of Chaos
  10. Midnight Wisps
  11. Crazy Cat’s Eyes
  12. Chocolatiers
  13. Thunderbolts
  14. Indigo Stars
  15. Pinkies
  16. Oceanics

The first 3 places, Raspberry Racers, Green Ducks and Hazers have pre-qualified for the Marble League 2020!

Marble League 2020 Printables
Who’s going to be the winner of the Marble League 2020? Follow this tournament with these free printables!

Marble League Printables

We couldn’t let you leave this post without some fun printables! Your kids will love using their imagination to color in their favorite teams.

Our printables include:

Want more? Each team has its very own free printable! Don’t forget to their pages and download them.

More Marble League Fun

Make Your Own Marble Runs!

My competitive kiddos all think they could build the best Marble Run, and have the fastest marble! I’m not even sure who would win!

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I decided to go for it and order a Marble Run Set from Marble Genius.

The choice was made easy when I saw the awesome colored booster packs that they also sell! That means I can always add more pieces to keep them busy.

From Space to Jungle to Dinosaur themes, I’m sure you’ll find one for every member of your family to love.

Let’s play marbles!

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