Frog Vomit Slime

I swear kids live to cause messes. I mean, being messy and being a kid go hand-in-hand. So, there’s no surprise this Frog Vomit Slime is such a hit in our home. 

Frog Vomit Slime

Slime is ooey, gooey, and MESSY. But most of all, it’s fun. Fun to make, fun to play with, and fun to make a complete mess with.

I always say, messy memories are the BEST ones!

As a parent, can you really argue that?

I didn’t think so!

Let’s get to making some disgustingly fun (and messy) slime!

Frog Vomit Slime

Frog Vomit Slime

Here’s what you need to make this Frog Vomit Slime: (affiliate links are included in this post)

Making the slime:

Grab a large bowl and measure out the clear glue. Add 1 cup of the warm water, the food coloring, and the essential oil (if using). Stir well.

Next, mix the remaining 1 cup of warm water with the borax powder into a small cup or bowl.

Slowly pour the borax mixture into the large bowl of glue mixture. Continuing stirring as you pour the borax mixture in. Slime will start to form before your eyes.

Use your hands to knead the slime until it’s fully formed.

Now, add your mini-fly toys and knead them into the slime.

Your slime is now ready for play!

We love this slime because of the bright green color. You can store this slime for up to a week in an airtight container and play with it over and over again! Frog Vomit Slime

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