Oobleck is so much fun for kids.   It is a great starter science experiment for younger  ones and can be done it lots of different ways.   The simple recipe of  one part cornstarch to one part water makes it easy to have science fun at home.

If you’ve never made oobleck before you are missing out!   For those of you that know and love this craft, here are some new ways to change it up.   We found these great ideas in our It’s Playtime! link-up.

5 Fun Oobleck Experiments

5 Fun Oobleck Experiments

1.   Beat the summer heat with frozen watermelon oobleck.   Add a watermelon slush to your cornstarch and take it outside for a fun and refreshing summer activity.

2.   Try adding in dish soap to your recipe  for bubbly oobleck.   Just like your normal oobleck but with one of kids most favorite things: bubbles!

3.   Have some fun and make your oobleck dance!   Place it onto a metal baking sheet and place the sheet onto a subwoofer.   Crank it up and watch it dance.

4.   Instead of the normal green goo, add some pink food coloring and glitter for some girly oobleck sure to please the little ladies.

5.  If you want to try making glow in the dark oobleck, all you need to do is add a little glow water (the ink from a highligther mixed with water).  Perfect for Halloween or a slumber party!

BONUS:  Have you tried our Melted Ice Cream Oobleck?  You will never guess what we substituted for water in this recipe!

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