I’ve rounded up 35 of the coolest concoctions for kids that I could find. Scented foams, edible doughs, stretchy slimes and mucky goops!

One of the funnest forms of sensory play for young children is mixing up simple concoctions.    Combining common ingredients to make a new play substance  is always thrilling!  Concoctions are a great way to explore substances, textures, colours and chemical reactions.  You can shape them, stir them, create art and even build with them!  The best part?  They all call for 3 ingredients or less.  So simple, you’ll be able mix them up any old time with your kids!

FYI:  I don’t always count water or food colouring as an “ingredient”.  Just sayin…

35 concoctions for kids

Bubbling Slime, with taste-safe ingredients, will bubble and fizz for hours as the ingredients react!

Whip up a rainbow of frothy fun with this awesome  Colourful Bubble Foam.

Take sensory play up a notch with an empty watermelon rind and this classic fizzy science experiment by Natural Beach Living.

Mix up a batch of Galaxy Slime with two common, household supplies.  It’s out of this world!

This smooth and silky Toddler-Safe Cloud Dough calls for 2 ingredients you’ll find in your kitchen cupboard.

Rainbow Salt Dough!  How can 3 ingredients look so good?  This dough can be shaped and allowed to harden like clay.

It’s no surprise that this is called  No-Cook PUFFY Paint!  Wait until you see what the “puffy” ingredient is!

A boxed cake-mix is one of 3 ingredients in this  Strawberry  scented “Ice Cream” Dough.

Super-stretchy Polka-Dot Slime takes two simple ingredients.  Bet you can’t guess what those polka-dots really are!

Paint up some vibrant Salt Sculptures for keeps!  The recipe couldn’t be any more simple!

3-Ingredient GLOP!  You’ll never guess what it’s made of.  Hint: your baby sits in it all day long!

Jelly / Jello Silly Putty is oozy and stretchy and it smells great!  A great homemade gift for a child as it stores well too!

A tub of cake frosting is a key ingredient in this taste-safe Cupcake Play Dough.  


3 ingredient concoctions

Mix up some small pots of Glitter Glue Paint!  Crafty kids will love to receive these in a loot bag or stocking!

Kids can explore texture and colour mixing and science with this microwave-able Kool-aid Puffy Paint.  Smells wonderful too!

Glittery Gold Slime looks so dazzlingly inviting.  This mixture is a must for a St. Patrick’s Day sensory activity!

Sidewalk paint is fun, but FIZZING Sidewalk Paint  is even funner!  Funner is a word, right?

Make an Ocean in a Bottle!  Kids of all ages will find this 2-ingredient concoction mesmerizing to play around with and watch.


pink princess slime

Glitter, glam and sparkle, pink and purplicious!  This concoction is  fit for a queen!  Well almost ¦  It’s PRINCESS  Slime.




What fun!  Chilly “Pretend Ice Cream” Goo, looks, feels and smells like real ice cream!  And BONUS: you can re-use it time and time again!

Here’s a black and gold-glittered Gak recipe for space buffs!  They’ll have a blast with this Star Wars Slime!

How about some oozy-stretchy, soft Bubble Dough?  Doesn’t it look like soft-serve ice-cream?  Liquid soap is one of the main features in this 3 ingredient concoction.

For kids with food sensitivities, this Gluten-Free Play Dough recipe is also nut-free and dairy-free, and completely taste-safe for little ones who might be tempted to sample it.

3 interesting ingredients make up this low-sugar, edible  Peanut Butter Play Dough.  I’ll bet it smells divine!

Sure, sand is fun to mold and play with, but creamy  Sand Foam Dough is even better!  Shaving cream plays a role in this incredibly simple sensory concoction.


3 simple concoctions and doughs for kids

You can make a scented batch of Pixie Paint for about a dollar, using water and an unexpected, but entirely pixie-appropriate ingredient!

Anna and Elsa fans will love this incredible sensory concoction!  Frozen Clean Mud puts spin on the traditional, 3-ingredient “clean mud” recipe.

This Fizzy Lemonade Sensory Concoction uses a surprise ingredient to activate the bubbling action baking soda.  Hint:  it’s fresh, citrus-y smell is much more pleasant than vinegar!


4-3 ingredient concoctions

Call it what you like – goo, goop, ooblek or slime, this 2-Ingredient Goop  is the most mystifying sensory connection around!

Hair Gel is a key ingredient in this mouldable Ooblek Dough.

Gentle on the skin, this 2 ingredient, washable Lotion Paint is great for painting on a canvas or for body-painting.

Spidey fans unite!  This red and blue Spider-Man Foam Dough is made with 3 simple ingredients.  It smells great too!


3 concoctions with 3 ingredients

Kids  will love making colourful, textured creations with this 2-Ingredient Sand Paint!

Take your sidewalk art up a notch with this traditional 3-ingredient Sidewalk Paint!  Kids will love drizzling and decorating with this thick and colourful concoction!

Here’s another nifty way to make a simple strawberry scented concoction!  This Strawberry No-Cook Playdough is made with hair conditioner and one other common pantry ingredient.



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