Best & Easy Galaxy Slime Recipe

This Galaxy Slime recipe is one of our favorite slime recipes because it is an easy way of making slime, has those beautiful galaxy slime colors and has sparkles and stars too! This basic slime recipe is perfect for learning how to make slime with kids of all ages. Let’s make a colorful sparkly slime recipe!

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Let’s make galaxy slime!

Best Galaxy Slime Recipe

This glitter glue slime recipe is one of my favorites because it doesn’t not require slime ingredients like contact solution or borax which are not common in my house. Liquid starch is inexpensive and works really well for this fluffy slime recipe of many colors.

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This really is the easy way to make slime and the sparkly star confetti made it even more fun!

How to Make Galaxy Slime

Whip up a batch of this DIY slime recipe for hours of fun sensory play and space slime entertainment.

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Ingredients Needed to Make Galaxy Slime Recipe

Directions for Homemade Galaxy Slime Recipe

Step 1 - How to  make slime: Galaxy Slime - squeeze colored glitter glue into a small bowl
The first step to making slime is to start with colorful glitter glue

Step 1

Add the glitter glue into a bowl and stir in 1/4 cup of water and mix the glue mixture well.

Alternative: Use clear glue and add your own silver glitter.

Step 2 - How to  make slime: Galaxy Slime - Galaxy Slime - add additional coloring and star confetti shown here in a glass bowl in purple sparkles
Now add coloring and star confetti!

Step 2

Add a few drops of liquid watercolor to create the desired color then add in the star confetti.

Alternative: Food coloring is always an option when making slime. We liked the watercolor paint for this one because of the vibrance.

Step 3 - How to  make slime: Galaxy Slime - add the liquid starch and stir to combine then put on table to knead - blob of purple sparkly slime recipe shown on white table
Once the liquid starch is combined, knead slime on the table.

Step 3

Pour in 1/4 cup liquid starch and stir to combine. The slime will start to separate from the sides of the bowl — remove it from the bowl and knead with your hands until it is no longer sticky and stretches easily.

Step 4 - How to  make slime: Galaxy Slime - repeat the process with other colors - shown here is bright pink slime recipe, bright purple slime recipe and bright blue slime recipe
Next we will repeat the slime making process for other colors.

Step 4

Repeat the slime making process with the remaining colors and ingredients to create three different colors of slime: blue, pink, and purple.

Finished Galaxy Slime shown here stretched while holding from above
Our galaxy slime is now complete!


Stretch the layers together to create a gorgeous galaxy effect!

Close up of finished DIY galaxy slime recipe with stripes of bright color, sparkles and stars
Admire how sparkly our DIY slime recipe turned out!

So cool, right?

How to Store Your Own Galaxy Slime

Use an airtight container to store your DIY galaxy slime. I love using leftover clear plastic food containers or a small zipping plastic bag. Generally homemade slime will last for several months if left in a sealed container at room temperature.

Child playing with finished galaxy slime recipe stretching the homemade slime with both hands
It is so fun to make and play with homemade slime!

Our Experience Making Galaxy Slime

My son loves playing with homemade slime, and we are always looking for ways to make different and interesting recipes. He loved creating the different colors, then watching them mix and spread.

Galaxy Slime

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How did your easy galaxy slime recipe turn out?