Homemade Glittery Unicorn Snot Slime Recipe

This glitter slime recipe is an easy homemade slime activity for kids of all ages. We are calling it unicorn snot slime which makes it even more fun. This borax-free slime recipe is quick to make and can be saved for later play in an airtight container. Let’s have some unicorn fun today!

text: unicorn snot slime - image shows a white unicorn sitting on top of a pile of purple unicorn snot slime finished recipe with a rainbow in the background - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make homemade unicorn snot slime!

Homemade Unicorn Snot Slime Recipe

I like this unicorn snot slime recipe because it is easy to make and very sparkly and bright. The texture is stretchy while still remaining the perfect amount of slimey!

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Making slime is a great way to spend the afternoon doing something fun and the slime ingredients are all common household items.

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Supplies Needed to Make Unicorn Snot Slime

*The clear school glue instead of white glue will keep the slime more see-through and brightly glittery.

unicorn shown with snot coming out of nose that extends to a large blob of homemade unicorn snot slime recipe - Kids Activities Blog
Ahhhh…the sparkly unicorn snot!

Directions to Make Unicorn Snot Slime

Step 1

First, cover your work surface or work somewhere you don’t mind getting glitter, because this is a messy craft, but I promise it’s fun!

Step 2

Now, dump your glue, water, food coloring and glitter into a bowl. Stir well.

Step 3

Now, slowly add your liquid starch while mixing. You will start to see the slime, I mean snot, form before your eyes.

step 4 - how to make slime - hand covered with unicorn slime sparkly purple translucent slime recipe with rainbow in the background - Kids Activities Blog
Keep kneading your slime until desired consistency.

Step 4

Start by kneading the homemade slime inside the bowl and eventually onto the table. You’ll want to knead the mixture for about 10-15 minutes until it becomes the right consistency (ooey, gooey and stretchy).

Note: You may notice some left over water and liquid starch in the bowl. Don’t worry about this and simply discard it.

finished unicorn snot slime recipe with hand pulling slime up

Finished Unicorn Snot Slime REcipe

You can now squeeze, squish and play with the magical mixture. 

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Storing Your Homemade Slime

You can store any leftover unicorn snot in an airtight container for future play. 

plop of homemade unicorn snot slime recipe - purple blob on white table with a unicorn and rainbow in the background - Kids Activities Blog
I love how this slime sparkles!

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What did you think of making this unicorn snot slime recipe? Did you make purple or another color homemade slime?

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