If you love making homemade slime recipes but don’t have Borax (or prefer to make Borax-free slime) we have a great list for you today of 15 borax-free slime recipes – some are even taste safe or edible slime recipes. We gathered the best safe slime recipes online — so let’s have some chemical-free slime fun!

Text: Borax-Free Slime Recipes - collage of 5 borax free slime recipes you can make at home from rainbow slime to sparkly slime to orange slime - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s have fun with a recipe for slime without borax!

You Will Love These No Borax Slime Recipes

There are a lot of reasons to make slime without borax and we have a collection of the best alternative to borax slime recipes around. Whether you are concerned about the borax toxic nature or just don’t have a box of Borax handy, we have you covered with how to make slime without borax!

How Do You Make Slime Without Borax?

While there are a lot of ways to make slime without Borax, our favorite uses a ratio of 1 bottle of glue (4 oz.) to 1 Tablespoon of contact solution with 1/2 Tablespoon of baking soda. These 3 simple ingredients can be combined with food coloring to make unlimited amounts of Borax free slime!

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Unicorn slime is borax free slime recipe from Kids Activities Blog pictured here stretched out on a white table
Unicorn slime is one of our very favorite ways to make slime without borax!

1. Unicorn Slime is Borax Free

Unicorn Slime is one of our very favorite Borax-free slime recipes here at Kids Activities Blog.  It has 4 ingredients and you can make it a light pastel or brightly colored rainbow of unicorn colored slime.

2 ingredient metamucil slime recipe from One Little Project shown here in bright orange with child's hand squishing the slime ball
You can make slime with Metamucil?

2. Make Slime with Unusual Ingredients

Did you know you can make slime using this drug store ingredient?! It is 2 ingredient Metamucil slime which is so cool! via One Little Project

fizzing slime recipe shown in green close up from Little Bins for Little Hands
Let’s make borax-free fizzing slime at home!

3. Fizzing Slime Recipe

Fizzing slime is such a fun sensory activity. via Little Bins for Little Hands This is part science experiment and all fun slime making! Great for kids of all ages and uses an unusual slime ingreient: Xanthum Gum.

Borax-Free Slime Recipes for kids

4. Marshmallow Slime

Let’s make quick marshmallow slime. This marshmallow slime recipe is safe and fun to play with! via One Little Project

5. Gakish Slime Recipe

This fun borax-free slime is like a cross between play dough and slime. via Fun at Home With Kids. This non topic slime recipe has ingredients like cornstarch, shampoo and liquid watercolors.

Silly goo recipe from eHow pictured: white slime recipe draped over hand in front of marble background
Let’s make slime with salt!

6. Salt Slime Recipe

Woah! This safe slime is made with just water, salt, and glue. Cool! via eHow

Baking Soda Slime Recipe from Michaels
Let’s make borax-free slime with baking soda!

7. Baking Soda Slime Recipe

Baking soda is the secret ingredient in this borax-free slime. via Michaels

gak slime recipe that is borax free from Kids Activities Blog shown here with a green gak slime blob with child's hand on top
This gak slime only has 2 ingredients!

8. Goopy Green Gak Slime Recipe

This gak slime recipe is one of the easiest requiring only 2 ingredients and whipping up in a matter of minutes.

How to make slime from STEAM powered family - text: no liquid starch borax or detergent, super simple super stretchy slime - blue and purple slime stretched over white background
This slime doesn’t contain anything icky!

9. 3 Ingredient Borax-Free Slime Recipe

This three-ingredient slime makes fluffy slime without borax! via STEAM Powered Family

Galaxy Slime recipe from Kids Activities Blog shown here in 3 lumps pushed together with stars and glitter - pink, purple and blue slime
Galaxy slime is so sparkly and colorful!

10. Our Favorite Galaxy Slime Recipe

Y’all know we love easy slime recipes and this is one of our favorites because it is glittery, colorful and borax-free. Let’s whip up a batch of galaxy slime!

rainbow slime recipe from Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make 2 ingredient rainbow slime!

11. Rainbow Slime Recipe

This 2 ingredient no borax slime recipe turns into the prettiest most colorful rainbow slime recipe! It is super easy with Elmers liquid and glitter glue.

More slime recipe ideas that are non-toxic

12. Snow Cone Slime Recipe for Sensory Fun

Your kids won’t be able to take their hands off of this fun and easy to make snow cone slime recipe. The texture is amazingly fun to play with and it is on the cover of our slime book, 101 Kids Activities that are the Ooey, Gooey-est Ever!

Edible Slime Recipe without Borax

text: Rainbow slime without borax - shown is finished rainbow slime with colored containers filled with individual colors: orange, blue, green and red
An easy way to make borax free rainbow slime at home!

13. Edible Slime Recipe is Taste-Safe for Toddlers

Edible slime is perfect for younger children who may put the slime in their mouths. via Growing a Jeweled Rose

edible valentine slime recipe from Kids Activities Blog
Ooey gooey edible slime recipe!

14. Edible Slime Recipe for Kids

Edible Slime is a really fun thing to make and this version we made as Valentines slime. This edible slime recipe is so gooey — change the color to make it work any time of year!

Candy slime recipe from Sugar Spice and Glitter - yellow slime stretched from above
Let’s make slime with candy!

15. Gummy Bear Slime Recipe

Gummy bear slime & Starburst slime are the ultimate edible slime recipes obviously made without Borax! via Sugar, Spice and Glitter

What is Borax?

Borax is also known as sodium borate and is an important boron compound, a mineral and a salt of boric acid. The powder is white and it dissolves in water.  It is a component of many detergents, cosmetics and enamel glazes.

In the United States it is banned as a food additive and indicated with the “E number” E285.  China and Thailand have also banned its use in food due to a risk of liver cancer with high consumption over a period of 5-10 years (see Wikipedia for more information).

Is Borax Safe to Use in Slime Recipes?

Researching the negative effects of Borax results in multiple issues that can occur.  The most toxic include skin, eye, respiratory irritation, diarrhea, vomiting and cramps with occasional exposure.  As noted above, when exposed over long periods of time in food, liver cancer is also a risk.  And if you have a child that likes to put things in their mouth, then avoiding Borax is a no-brainer!

Since we don’t love subjecting our kids to anything toxic, especially in a slime recipe, it was important to us to find alternatives that still made amazingly awesome slime!

Why is Borax dangerous?

Borax is a milt irritant.  As with any irritant, some people (and kids) will be more sensitive to it than others.  Our main goal here is to inform so you are choosing the best thing for your family and noting any reactions.

In slime, the Borax is very diluted and rarely causes issues…but why take the risk?

Is Slime Toxic?

There are many ways to make slime without Borax.  Although Borax is used to create a sticky texture, there are other (and safer) ways to make slime.  If you do choose to make slime with Borax, watch your kids for side effects like skin, eye, respiratory irritation, diarrhea, vomiting and cramps.  Make sure that younger kids are not consuming slime.  We have a lot of edible play dough recipes if that is an issue in your house!

Because the other ingredients in slime are usually food-based like food coloring and other kitchen ingredients, they are generally considered safe for slime recipes as well.  White glue has long been used with kids crafts and projects and in the classroom and isn’t known to have toxic ingredients.

Is there Borax in contact solution?

Yes and no.  Contact solution has a trace amount of boric acid.  But it is used in contact solution which is used in contact with the eye.  It is regulated by the FDA here in the United States and since it is used in small quantities and very diluted in slime, it is considered a Borax-free solution to making slime.

How can Borax-free slime actually contain Borax?

Contact solution is a common choice for making Borax-free slime.  It has trace amounts of boric acid which is an ingredient in Borax.  So, kinda!  Yes, Borax-free slime actually has trace amounts of ingredients found in Borax.  But…think about the concentration of boric acid and how contact solution is used.  The main objection to using Borax in slime is the irritation it can cause with repeated touch.

Because contact solution is used in the eye and regulated by the FDA, it is considered a safer alternative to Borax.  If you truly want to make slime without any boric acid, check out the recipes that use a combination of glue and baking soda instead.

More Slime Recipes from Kids Activities Blog

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  1. I never knew how to make slime without borax powder, I thought they all needed it. It’s super cool to know my kids can play with slime and me not have to worry about whether or not they may have a reaction to the borax.