These cupcake liner crafts are so much fun! Not only are they easy to do, but budget-friendly. These cupcake liner crafts are great for kids of all ages like: toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten kids. Whether you’re doing these cupcake liner crafts at home or in the classroom, these are perfect!

13 {Adorable} Cupcake Liner Crafts
Muffin liners are great for crafts!

Cupcake Liners For Kids

Who knew there were so many fun cupcake liner crafts out there? You can do SO many things with those extra liners you have lying in your pantry.  These crafts are perfect for your toddler or preschooler, since they are so simple and easy.

Inspired by I Heart Crafty Things, we’re sharing lots of fun cupcake liner crafts today.

{Adorable} Cupcake Liner Crafts

1. Adorable Cupcake Liner Homemade Birthday Card Craft

Use cupcake liners to create an adorable homemade birthday card for a loved one.

2. Creative Cute Cupcake Liner Turkey Craft

Here is a creative way to couple cupcake liners with toilet paper roll stamping to create a cute turkey craft.

3. Cupcake Liner Spooky Bat Craft

Add tissue paper wings to black cupcake liners to make this spooky bat craft.

4. Cupcake Liner Ladybug Craft

Make learning about bugs fun with this ladybug craft. Toddlers will enjoy adding all of the details to their cute cupcake liner ladybugs.

5. Cupcake Liner Fall Tree Craft

Celebrate the Fall season by making a tree craft out of fall-colored cupcake liners.

6. Not-So-Scary Cupcake Liner Ghost Craft

Use white cupcake liners to capture a scene from the popular children’s book Three Little Ghosties. A perfect, non-scary craft for Halloween.

7. Cupcake Apple Tree Craft

Layer green cupcake liners over the top of a brown trunk to create a tree and top it with green and red pom poms to make a beautiful apple tree craft.

8. Cupcake Liner Owl Craft

Practice counting with this fun cupcake liner owl craft.

9. Cupcake Liner Space Craft

Use your imagination with different cupcake liners to create planets in your own space scene.  Add star and alien stickers to complete your masterpiece.

10. Cupcake Liner Chick Craft

Whether you’re learning about baby farm animals or celebrating Easter, this cupcake liner chick craft is perfect! The texture of the yellow cupcake liners and tissue paper wings makes darling little chicks!

11. Fun Bunny Cupcake Craft

White cupcake liners stamped with bunny ears creates a fun bunny craft. A perfect activity for even the smallest crafter.

12. Cupcake Liner Leprechaun Craft

The ridges on cupcake liners make perfect little beards in this little leprechauns craft.

13. Five Little Turkey Cupcake Liner Craft

A simple way to incorporate counting to five with toddlers by reading Five Little Turkeys and creating a scene of five turkeys using colorful cupcake liners.

How cute is this panda craft?

14. Panda Bear Cupcake Liner Craft

Make the cutest little panda bear using googly eyes, markers, construction paper, googly eyes, pom poms, and of course, cupcake liners.

15. Finding Dory Cupcake Liner Craft

Everyone loves Dory! Now you can make Dory and and under the sea craft with this Finding Dory cupcake liner craft.

16. Cupcake Liner Jellyfish Craft

I love this jellyfish craft! This cupcake liner has long dangly legs and big googly eyes!

17. Pretty Cupcake Liner Ladybug Craft

Make a ladybug using cupcake liners and polka dots surrounded by lovely and colorful flowers.

18. Roaring Good Cupcake Liner Lion Craft

Make a lion using cupcake liners, googly eyes, markers, ribbon, and crayons. It’s so cute and easy to make.

19. Fun Cupcake Liner Turtle Craft

It is so easy to make a cute little turtle craft! You can use crayons to even make the turtle a home!

20. Colorful and Shiny Cupcake Liner Flower Craft

Use ribbons, buttons, sequins, and cupcake liners to make beautiful flowers! This flower craft is so pretty!

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Which cupcake liners are you gonna try?

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