Check out these non messy crafts to do at home!

Getting messy is great. It’s so much fun to dig in the dirt and stick  your fingers in paint. But sometimes we are in need of activities for kids that aren’t messy at all and that is OK. If you’re looking for that type of thing, we have some fun projects for you. None of these have any mess at all!

No Mess activities and crafts for kids- origami crown, scribble art, sensory bottles, no mess finger painting, and salad spinner- kids activities blog
Have little ones? Then you want to try these mess free craft ideas!

13 No-Mess Activities for Kids

1. Mess Free Finger Painting Activity For Toddlers

This mess-free finger painting activity is a lot of fun. Kids just love playing with this.

2. Indoor Ring Toss Game For Kids

Quickly make your own indoor ring toss game! This is a great rainy day activity. via Love and Marriage

3. Super Cool Monster Craft For Preschoolers

Make a super cool monster with paint and markers and virtually no mess!

4. Mess Free Splatter Painting Craft

Splatter painting  sounds messy, I know, but it isn’t! Plus, kids have a great time. via Sunny Day Family

No Mess Crafts For Kids- printable moving game, ring toss, sensory bottle- kids activities blog
Which mess free crafts are you going to try?

Non-Messy Crafts to Do at Home

5. Mess Free Salad Spinner Painting Craft

Make these spin art hearts  with paint and a salad spinner. The paint goes on the paper without ever touching it. via Meri Cherry

6. Make and Play Sensory Bags Activity

We love to make and play with sensory bags. Here is a huge list of ways to make them!

7. Magnet Learning Activity For Kids

This magnet learning center keeps kids engaged for hours. So fun!! via Left Brain Craft Brain

8. Scribble Art Activity For Toddlers

Scribble art is a great boredom buster, it’s not messy at all and is super easy to do. via Fireflies and Mudpies

9. Rainbow Painting With A Ball Craft

Try rainbow painting with a ball! Put paper in a box, add paint and roll a ball around inside for a fun design. via Life Over CS

13 No-Mess Activities for Kids- monster painting, salad spinner painting, scribble art, and mess free finger painting- kids activities blog
There are so many great mess-free painting activities for toddlers and preschoolers.

10. Mixing Color Activity For Preschoolers

Learn about mixing colors to create new ones with this  color mixing bottle. via Still Playing School

11. Easy Origami Crown Paper Craft

Make an origami crown with paper and tape. This is a wonderful quiet time activity.  via Cutting Tiny Bites

12. Mess Free Goo Bag Craft

These goo bags are squishy and fun for little hands to play with. via Hello Bee

13. Rainy Day Printable Moving Game

Get kids up and moving on a rainy day with this printable moving game. via Hey Let’s Make Stuff

13 No-Mess Activities for Kids- painting, sensory, and printable block game- kids activities blog
Let’s try these fun mess free crafts for toddlers and preschoolers!

We hope you love these non messy crafts as much as we do! Tell us, what are your favorite no mess crafts for kids?

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Which mess free activities for toddlers and preschoolers is your favorite? Mine is number 11!

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