A homemade birthday card brings special cheer to a birthday celebration.  This kid made card is super cute and can be adapted for boys or girls.

Kids Activities Blog hopes this craft for kids brightens the day for the next birthday boy or girl in your life.

Homemade Birthday Card {Kid Made}

Homemade Birthday Card

This sweet homemade birthday card is lots of fun to make and is sure to be loved by the lucky birthday girl or boy.   The wonderful thing about this card’s design is that it can be adapted to suit a girl or boy, Mom or Dad, Grandmother or anyone else, simply by changing the colors of the paper and the candles. Here’s how to make this cute little card.

Adorable homemade birthday card: Kid Made Cupcake Card!

Kid Made

To make this homemade birthday card you will need: Thin card stock Two sheets of co-ordinated paper Small cupcake liners Birthday cake candles Glue Scissors To assemble the homemade birthday card: 1. Cut the thin card stock and one of the sheets of paper to the size you want your card to be. As an example, our card measures 6 inches x 8.5 inches. Now glue these two together. 2. Next, cut the second sheet of paper about half an inch smaller on all sides than the first sheet of paper. So the light pink paper on our card measures 5 inches x 7.5 inches. Position the second sheet of paper onto the first and glue in place. 3. Fold the card in half.

Kids can make this cute homemade birthday card

Craft for Kids

4. Cut the cupcake liners in half. We used mini cupcake liners so that three of them fit in a row across the card. You could also use a regular size cupcake liner and just have one on the card instead of three.

Cute {kid made} homemade birthday card is a great craft for kids

Cupcake Card

5. Fold over the edges of the cut cupcake liners as shown in the photo above. Apply glue to the folded part of the cupcake liners.

Here's how to make a homemade birthday card {kid made}

6. Position the cupcake liners in place on the card, pressing down on the edges where you applied the glue. TIP – the cupcake liners may look flat or oddly shaped at this point. That’s fine. The important thing is to just let the glue dry and then you can push out the cupcake liner and fix the shape once it has successfully adhered to the card. If the cupcake liners are not sitting well on the card, try making them smaller by cutting off a couple of the concertina folds on each side. 7. Apply glue to the candles and position inside the cupcake liners. That’s it! A cheerful homemade birthday card that anyone would love to receive!

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When is the last time you received a homemade birthday card?   Of course, kid made cards are the cutest but any homemade card carries special thoughts and meaning with it.  For more card and craft kids activities, take a look at these great ideas:

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  1. Love kids making their own cards! I always have the girls make their cards for their friends- we definitely aren’t this professional looking though 🙂 Nice work!!