Nom, nom, nom! Do you have a toddler or preschooler who is crazy for Cookie Monster? If so, they will adore this cute and easy Cupcake Liner Cookie Monster craft. Cupcake Liner Cookie Monster

Cupcake Liner Cookie Monster

This sweet craft is not only fun, but also develops fine-motor skills. Kids will get a kick out of making Cookie Monster from cupcake liners. Materials and Directions:
  • Blue cupcake liners
  • Black markers
  • Construction paper (tan, black, white)
  • Brown crayon
  • Glue stick
After gathering supplies, invite your child to flatten their cupcake liner. Kids love this part! You could even give them a small rolling pin to roll out their cupcake liner like dough. Next your child can glue their cupcake liner down onto a piece of tan construction paper. My child chose a color that was reminiscent of a cookie. Cupcake Liner Cookie Monster Next, invite your child to cut 3 circles (2 small white circles and 1 large black circle). We traced some objects around the kitchen for this part. Show them how to cut the black circle in half to make Cookie’s mouth, then invite them to glue all 3 circles down onto the cupcake liner. Cupcake Liner Cookie Monster Kids can put the finishing touches on Cookie Monster’s eyes with the black marker. Last, they can draw chocolate chips onto the tan paper with their brown crayon. When craft time is over, enjoy some delicious Cookie Monster Rice Krispie Treats! Cupcake Liner Cookie Monster

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