Looking for an easy and colorful spring craft for kids? We’ve got you covered! This Cupcake Liner Daffodil Art is simple, adorable, and fun for kids of all ages. It’s especially great for preschool aged children. Best of all, it requires minimal supplies and adult help. Cupcake Liner Daffodils

Cupcake Liner Daffodil Art

Daffodils are the first spring flower that comes up in my garden. The cheerful yellow petals always bring a smile to my face, but I can never seem to get them to last as long inside as cut flowers. So I found my own crafty solution!

To Make This Craft You Will Need

  • yellow cupcake liners (3)
  • yellow mini cupcake liners (3)
  • white school glue
  • yellow buttons
  • green and light blue construction paper
  • scissors
Cupcake Liner Daffodils


After gathering supplies, invite kids to turn their cupcake liners inside out. Glue a mini cupcake liner inside each of the large cupcake liners, then glue them down to the light blue paper. Next, glue a button inside each of the flowers. While the cupcake liners are drying, invite kids to cut stems and long leaves from the green paper. Cupcake Liner Daffodils Glue the stems and leaves to the blue paper. It’s definitely okay if they overlap…it makes the flowers look like they are blowing in the wind! Cupcake Liner Daffodils Hang and enjoy, or share with a teacher, grandparent, or neighbor.

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