Cupcake Liner Frog Craft

In this post, learn how to make an adorable Cupcake Liner Frog Craft with kids. This inexpensive, easy, and fun craft is perfect for home or school.

Cupcake Liner Frog Craft

Cupcake Liner Frog Craft

Last week, my kids and I found tadpoles in a puddle. We set up an aquarium in the kitchen to observe them and have spent the week learning about frogs.

This cupcake liner craft was so much fun! My kids loved flattening, crushing, and cutting the cupcake liners to make jumping frogs on lily pads.

To Make This Craft You Will Need

  • large pink cupcake liners
  • small white and green cupcake liners
  • green construction paper
  • light green construction paper
  • blue construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • small wiggly eyes
  • black marker
  • yellow button


After gathering supplies, invite kids to cut a lily pad from the green paper. Glue it to the blue paper.

Cupcake Liner Frog Craft

Next, flip the pink cupcake liner inside out. Invite kids to cut small triangles out of the cupcake liner to turn it into a flower. Do the same with the white cupcake liner, then glue the cupcake liner to the pink cupcake liner. Glue a button to the middle of the white cupcake liner. Now you have a flower for your lily pad!

Cupcake Liner Frog Craft

Invite kids to flatten the small green cupcake liner. Glue 2 wiggly eyes to the top of the cupcake liner, then use the black marker to draw a nose and smile on the frog’s face.

Cupcake Liner Frog Craft

Cut thin strips of green paper, then fold it accordion style. Glue the paper strips to the back of the cupcake liner. Glue the frog and flower to the lily pad.

Cupcake Liner Frog Craft 4

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  1. This is a great idea! I’m sure my kids will like the crafts. Thanks for sharing!

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