These Christmas tree crafts for kids of all ages are creative ways to make a kids Christmas tree! Christmas tree crafts are a fun way to turn the iconic holiday tree into arts and crafts for toddlers, preschoolers and older kids and even adults. Let’s make easy Christmas tree crafts at home or in the classroom.

text: Christmas tree crafts - 6 Christmas tree crafts pictured in a collage showing some of our favorite Christmas tree crafts like a Christmas tree banner, two paper Christmas tree crafts for preschool, a life size paper Christmas tree on the wall and a Christmas tree painting project - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make Christmas tree crafts together today!

Easy Christmas Tree Crafts

Now is the perfect time for some fun Christmas tree crafts! Who knew there were so many different tree crafts out there? This list has tree crafts for all ages and will make beautiful handmade holiday décor.

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Christmas Tree Crafts for Preschoolers & Toddlers

These super easy Christmas tree crafts work on younger children’s fine motor skills as well as expanding their creativity while having a fun holiday inspired time.

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1. Preschool Christmas Tree Paper Craft that Toddlers Can Do Too

Preschool Christmas Tree Craft - Green construction paper cut into shape of Christmas tree with strips of colorful paper and squares decorating the tree - shown with packages underneath - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make a Christmas tree craft out of paper!

These simple construction paper tree craft ideas are easy one to do with even the youngest kids. From paper strip Christmas trees to button decorated green triangle shapes with a clothespin trunk, little hands will have a ball making these simple Christmas tree crafts.

2. Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Tree Craft

Toilet paper roll Christmas tree craft from Red Ted Art -- 5 toilet paper roll trees shown brightly painted with green paint and decorated with stars and dots
You can make a Christmas tree from a toilet paper roll!

Use that extra toilet paper roll and some green paper for this adorable set of toilet paper roll Christmas trees…a Christmas tree forrest from Red Ted Art! This Christmas tree craft works great for little ones if you pre-cut the tree shapes. Older kids will be able to complete the entire holiday craft project.

3. Simple Construction Paper Christmas Tree Craft & Song

Try something new with this easy Christmas tree craft that pairs well with a holiday song from Let’s Play Music.  This tree craft combines art and music!

4. Make a Christmas Tree Sensory Bin

Sticky Christmas tree craft that turns into a Christmas themed sensory bin for kids from How Wee Learn
This Christmas tree craft becomes a sensory bin for the holidays!

So much fun! This sticky tree is a craft and sensory bin in one combining art and sensory exploration from How Wee Learn.

Christmas Tree Crafts for Kids of All Ages

5. Felt Christmas Tree Craft For Preschoolers

Felt Christmas tree craft from Buggy and Buddy - two cone shaped felt Christmas trees with felt dot ornaments that look like confetti
What a lovely Christmas tree craft for littles!

With felt, Styrofoam and glue you can make this gorgeous felt Christmas tree from Buggy and Buddy.

6. Fabric Christmas Tree Craft

Fabric Christmas tree craft that can be made into a holiday Christmas tree banner like shown with colorful fabrics in red white and green colors from Kids Activities Blog

This beautiful fabric Christmas tree craft idea is simple to make and can be hung on the tree or strung as garland or used in other places of your house as holiday decorations.

7. Triangle Christmas Tree Craft

3D paper Christmas tree craft made from triangles from Creative Connections for Kids - one bright green Christmas tree crafts made from paper shown on blue background
This Christmas tree craft goes 3D using just triangles!

Stickers and paper are the only two things you need to make this fun triangle Christmas tree from Creative Connections for Kids.

9. Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Child adding a numbered ornament to the mural size paper Christmas tree craft hanging on the fridge used as an advent calendar from Simply Mommie
This giant Christmas tree craft can be used as an advent calendar!

Countdown to the holiday with a giant life size paper Christmas tree advent calendar from Simply Mommie! Pick an ornament each day in the month for a new activity.

10. Egg Carton Christmas Tree Craft

We love to recycle trash into treasure so this tree from an egg carton is perfect from J Daniels Mom.

11. Coffee Filter Christmas Tree Craft Idea

Coffee filter Christmas tree craft with jewel decorations hanging in Christmas tree from Happy Hooligans
What a lovely Christmas tree craft!

Use items you’ve got in your pantry with this coffee filter Christmas tree from Happy Hooligans. You can also string these to hang as a banner! Make your own ornaments that look like Christmas trees. Add a little bit of sparkles and ornaments!

12. Handprint Christmas Tree Art & Craft

Christmas tree made of green handprints with a red star and brown trunk - Kids Activities Blog
Christmas tree of green handprints with red star.

One of our favorite Christmas tree crafts is this handprint tree. Messy and fun!

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More Favorite Christmas Tree Crafts

13. Cork Christmas Tree Ornament Craft

Cork Christmas tree craft ornament kids can make from Kids Activities Blog shown in a wooden box
Let’s make a Christmas tree out of upcycled corks!

Make a cork Christmas tree ornament craft using leftover corks – ask for some at your local restaurant if you don’t have enough!

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14. Cheery Christmas Tree Snow Globe Craft

Paper plate snowglobe craft shown with Santa flying over Christmas trees - Kids Activities Blog
Make a paper plate snow globe with a big Christmas tree…or Santa’s sleigh like shown here.

Start with simple Christmas tree coloring pages and then make a Christmas tree paper plate snow globe craft.

15. Cardboard Christmas Tree Craft

Cardboard Christmas tree craft showing 3 green triangle Christmas trees with cardboard trunks on white background - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make cardboard Christmas trees!

These super simple cardboard Christmas tree craft ideas are made from all those boxes you get in the mail over the holidays. Great way to upcycle cardboard into a sweet Christmas craft for kids.

16. Kids Can Make Their Own Christmas Tree Drawing

easy how to draw a christmas tree printed pdf tutorial on white background - Kids Activities Blog
This step-by-step tutorial is super easy to follow, and so much fun too!

Kids can learn the simple steps how to draw a Christmas tree and then decorate their own customized Christmas tree drawing however they want! This is one of my favorite kids crafts because it helps them explore their creativity and build skills. And it gets them into the holiday spirit.

17. Scented Salt Dough Christmas Tree Craft

Christmas tree craft ornament with green and Christmas tree fur smell
This Christmas tree craft will turn your faux Christmas tree into one that smells like a real Christmas tree.

Use cookie cutters, essential oils, and Christmas tree cookie cutters to make scented salt dough Christmas tree ornaments. What a fun project! Make little trees that smell like larger trees! How clever!

18. Spin Christmas Tree Art

Christmas tree craft with spin and paper painted tree
Christmas tree spin art makes the cutest and most unique paper Christmas tree craft.

This spin art Christmas tree is super cool, and mess free from The Chocolate Muffin Tree. This can double as a paper plate Christmas tree craft or you can use regular paper. It’s perfect for younger kids though. I also like that they added a little sparkle!

19. Tinfoil Christmas Tree Craft

Christmas tree craft making christmas tree tinfoil ornament with candy cane, present, and hat ornament too
Make a tinfoil Christmas tree ornament along side other Christmas crafts!

Make tinfoil Christmas trees to put on the tree. Paint your Christmas tree green and add sequins and faux gems on it to decorate it. You can even put a gen at the top of the tree and it’s kind of Christmas tree shape. Perfect for young kids.

20. Edible Christmas Tree Crafts

Christmas tree craft with edible christmas tree donuts, waffles, berries, and cupcakes
I’m not sure which Christmas tree I want to eat first!!

From sweets to snacks to lunch, all these Christmas Tree recipes can double as a craft. I love these Christmas tree shape edible crafts, perfect for the Christmas season.

21. More Tinfoil Christmas Tree Crafts

Christmas tree craft- green painted tinfoil with sequins and faux gems
You can make even more tinfoil Christmas tree ornaments!

Use cardboard, tinfoil, paint, sequins, gems, and ribbons to make Christmas tree shaped ornaments. You’ll really want to make all of these Christmas trees this holiday season. We have a fun Christmas tree craft for everyone!

More Christmas Crafts from Kids Activities Blog

christmas tree craft with sequins a star and green sparkly slime

What is your favorite Christmas tree craft for kids?

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