These DIY Tree Gnomes Are Adorable And So Easy To Make For The Holidays

When it comes to Christmas decorations, I’m a big fan of buying them pre-made and ready for me to display. But then I saw the DIY tree gnome craze, and I thought, hey this is something even I can do.

Even though these DIY tree gnomes are simple, they’re also simply adorable! After all, what’s not to love about a Christmas tree wearing a big red hat and red gloves?

Add in a red ornament or some produce, like a pumpkin, potato, or squash, for the nose and you’ve got yourself a super cute tree gnome.

But that’s just one tree gnome idea. The possibilities (and fun) are endless with this DIY tree gnome craft idea.

Decorate the trees you already have in your front yard. If your trees are tall, no need to get out a ladder; simply tie a sash near the base and add white tinsel streamers for a beard.

Alternatively, use some fallen fir tree branches, attach them to a tomato cage, decorate them. Or, wrap up some fake garland around a wreath stand and dress it up.

See what I mean? So so so many fun ideas, and they’re all easy peasy and only take a few minutes to create (as long as you have the supplies already on hand).

Chances are your kids, like mine, will also get a total kick out of them. That’s another reason that this DIY tree gnome project is 100% worth it.

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