Let’s make cardboard Christmas tree craft with kids! This Christmas tree crafting idea use boxes from holiday deliveries to make cardboard Christmas trees with the kids. This recycled Christmas tree project is a fun way to re-purpose this holiday season and create cardboard Christmas trees that make lovely decorations. Use this cardboard tree craft at home or in the classroom.

cardboard christmas tree craft for kids - 3 cardboard Christmas trees shown on a white background
Make a cardboard Christmas tree craft with kids.

Easy Cardboard Christmas Tree Craft for Kids

We are going to make a Christmas tree craft that stands on its own. Kids will love cotton bud painting to make the ornaments to decorate their tree too.

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This finished cardboard Christmas tree craft is perfect for sitting on the mantel or a shelf this holiday season. Use boxes from deliveries or groceries to make this an inexpensive craft for kids.

How to make a cardboard Christmas tree

We used a pizza box to make our three Christmas trees. One large box can probably make up to 6 trees, depending on how messy the box is. We used just the bottom of the box which had a liner in it so it was clean.

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supplies needed to make a cardboard christmas tree - scissors, ruler, cardboard, paint, q tips and brush - Kids Activities Blog
Use a cardboard box and paint to make a Christmas tree craft with kids.

Supplies needed to make a cardboard Christmas tree

Instructions for making a cardboard Christmas tree Craft

how to make a cardboard christmas tree
Measure and cut the pieces of your Christmas tree out of cardboard.

Step 1

Use a ruler and pencil to sketch triangles and long rectangles on the piece of cardboard and then cut them out.

Our triangles measured 8 inches high. Make sure to measure and cut the long rectangles in an even length. We cut ours 8 1/2 inches long so that when folded to make the base of the tree each side is 2 inches long with a 1/2 inch to glue. The height was measured at 2 inches.

How to make a cardboard base for a christmas tree craft
Bend the cardboard rectangles into a box shape and glue the ends.

Step 2

Bend the long cardboard rectangles until they form a box shape. Glue the ends and overlap them over each other. Set them aside to dry.

Cotton bud painting on a christmas craft for kids
Paint the cardboard Christmas tree green, then paint ornaments with a cotton bud.

Step 3

Paint the triangles with green paint and set them aside to dry. Once dry, pour a little paint in each color onto the paper plate and use cotton bud painting to add colorful ornaments to the tree. You could also use glitter or metallic paint to make the ornaments.

cardboard christmas tree craft with cotton bud painting for kids
Put the top of your tree onto the base by cutting slits in the cardboard trunk.

Step 4

To assemble the tree, cut 1/2 inch slits in the sides of the cardboard base and put the triangle tree on top.

Craft tip: This is optional, but you could also cut out a cardboard star for the top of the Christmas tree and paint it with yellow or gold paint.

Make This Cardboard Christmas Tree Craft Your Own

Now that you turned these cardboard pieces into something festive and pretty, you can change the craft up a bit and make it your own! Some things you could consider adding to your supply list and changing are:

  • Adding glitter glue to the ornaments
  • Decorating bottle caps to put at the top of the tree
  • Using small pom poms to add 3D ornaments
  • Decorating the bottom of the tree with washi tape

Why We Love These Cardboard Christmas Trees

We love these cardboard Christmas trees for a few reasons. It allows us to reuse cardboard boxes or any pieces of cardboard we have and they make cute Christmas decorations.

They’re tree shape, with a hint of modernism, but still give off the Christmas spirit. Plus, once your kids make their own cardboard Christmas trees, they can put them in their rooms to decorate their rooms.

And if we’re being honest, this is one of the more budget-friendly Christmas crafts which I always appreciate.

Yield: 1

Cardboard Christmas Tree

cardboard christmas tree craft

Make a cardboard Christmas tree with kids with cotton bud painting.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Difficulty easy
Estimated Cost $0


  • Cardboard box
  • Paint
  • Glue stick


  • Scissors
  • Cotton buds
  • Paper plate
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Paintbrush


  1. Sketch a triangle onto a cardboard box and cut it out - ours was 8 inches high.
  2. Sketch long rectangles onto the cardboard box 2 - approximately 2 inches high and 8 1/2 inches long.
  3. Bend the long rectangles into a box shape, overlap the ends, and glue them together.
  4. Paint the triangle green and once dry use cotton but painting to add colorful ornaments to the tree.
  5. Cut 1/2 inch slits in the sides of each base and put the triangle on top so that it stands up.

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Have you made a Christmas tree craft with your kids?

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