Planning a fun family vacation this holiday season? Well, then you should know that the Beaches® Resorts is welcoming not only your family, but also The Elf on The Shelf Scout to Sunny Shores…with Santa’s permission of course! This year you could go on an Elf on the Shelf vacation!

Elf on the shelf vacation- Scout flying an airplane over Beaches Resorts- kids activities blog
Get ready to go on a holiday adventure with your Scout Elf!

Elf On The Shelf Vacation

Y’all, we are excited to partner with Beaches Resorts and Elf on The Shelf to help you plan a whimsical, magical, holiday vacation for you, your family, and your Scout Elf! Who doesn’t want to spend time in the sun having fun when back home is cold and dreary? Even your Elf Scout plans on going south!

Holiday carols sung with sun-soaked cheer: that’s the sound of Scout Elf® helpers heading South for the winter this year. Beaches® Resorts ushers in the magic of the season with an irresistible invitation and “V.I.E.” butler-curated perks for everyone’s favorite Christmastime sidekick to hang their tiny hats and bask in a Caribbean winter wonderland.

Beaches® Resorts

Um, how amazing does that sound? Christmas, beaches, and Elf on the Shelf?! Yes, please.

Holidays Are About Memory Making

Elf on the shelf vacation- memory making with 3 scout elves on a sandy beach making sand castles- kids activities blog
Let’s make memories with our families as well as our Scout Elves!

Beaches® Resorts has joined forces with The Lumistella Company (the creators of the beloved Elf on the Shelf tradition) to create a “candy cane carpet” experience for families and their Elf Scouts at their award winning and all-inclusive resorts located in Jamaica, Turks, and Caicos.

The fun kicks off on November 24 which marks the start of your beloved Elf Scout’s return! Which makes sense after all, considering November 22 to December 1 is the official start of the return of all the Elf Scouts. Though, there will be magical fun all holiday season long! And why not spend that whimsical week with white sands and the beach?

Holidays are the season for family memory-making and for many, The Elf on the Shelf brand has become a most loved and anticipated part of their annual traditions…It’s why we’re especially grateful to Santa for giving his Scout Elf helpers the permission to join families at Beaches this holiday season, and we can’t wait to roll out the red carpet for them with special treats and activities during their stay with us.”

Luisana Suegart, Director of Public Relations for Unique Vacations, Inc.

So, What Can Families And Elves Expect At These Beaches Resorts?

Elf On The Shelf Vacation- Beaches Resorts on the coast with sands and ocean water- kids activities blog
Winding Waterslides, the beach, ice cream, Elf Shenanigans and more!

Oh man! Between winding waterslides, all the ice cream you can dream of and more, guests can expect a ton of fun and “Scout Elf stunts galore”! And I mean that, Beaches Resorts is literally celebrating with festivities from day to night. So let’s check out some of these awesome festivities!

Beaches Resorts’ Sweet Island Soiree ft. The Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the shelf vacation- Scout Elf surfing on a boogie board on the ocean waves- kids activities blog
Let’s get this Elf party started! There are so many festivities to enjoy!

Are you ready for fun holiday parties? Me too! These fun weekly parties, with “Santa’s (passport) stamp of approval” will include so many fun things like:

  • The Elf on The Shelf Characters
  • Build Your Own Cookie Bars
  • Arts and Craft Stations
  • Music
  • Holiday Story Time Sessions
  • Festive Karaoke
  • And more!

Cookies, movies, fun holiday music, it really doesn’t get much better than that. I’m a sucker when it comes to holiday cookies… gingerbread, sugar, snickerdoodle, you name it and I’ll eat it!

The Candy Cane Carpet and the V.I.E Treatment

Elf on the shelf vacation- marshmallow bath with hot chocolate for the elf on the shelf- kids activities blog
Your Scout Elf will receive the V.I.E treatment!

We’ve talked about some of the festivities on your Elf on The Shelf vacation, but there is something else we haven’t discussed. By now you’re probably wondering what V.I.E means. It means “very important Scout Elf!” And while the festive parties and shenanigans are fun, it’s important that our Scout Elves get a chance to enjoy some relaxation! It is, after all, their vacation too.

The Scout Elf friends will be refreshed for the surprises ahead and nights of adventure and their many trips to the North Pole. If you and your family travel with your Scout Elf to one of Beaches Resorts in December and stay in butler-level rooms, your Scout Elf will receive the V.I.E treatment.

Elf on the shelf vacation- midnight cookies being served to the Elf scout on the table- kids activities blog
Milk and cookies?! Yum!

And what does the V.I.E treatment entail? Well, it entails some much deserved luxury and relaxation for your Scout Elf! A few of the things the V.I.E treatment entails is:

  • Moonlight Milk and Cookies
  • Marshmallow Bubble Baths,
  • Festive Trail Mix
  • Holiday Movie Night-In
Elf on the shelf vacation- elf on some leaves relaxing in a robe on leaves- kids activities blog
Help your elf relax this winter between all of their shenanigans and trips to the North pole!

And don’t worry, guests’ butlers will not only be on call, but have Santa-approved gloves and magic Elf moving tongs to help move your Scout Elf in case they fall asleep! After a day in the sun and warm Caribbean breeze, who wouldn’t?

Unwind After the Holidays with the “Beaches Resorts and The Elf on the Shelf” Vacation Sweepstakes

Elf on the Shelf vacation- elf laying on a hammock held by 2 decorated pineapples- kids activities blog
Don’t forget to check out and enter the Beaches resorts and the elf on the shelf vacation sweepstakes!

Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention! Even when the trees come down after your Elf on the Shelf vacation, there is still a chance to win some post-holiday Caribbean fun!

From November 24 – December 30, families across North America and the U.K. are invited to enter the Beaches Resorts and The Elf on the Shelf Vacation Sweepstakes for a chance to win a six-night vacation at either Beaches Negril in Jamaica or Beaches Turks and Caicos, along with additional festive goodies including a The Elf on the Shelf tradition and The Elf on the Shelf Official Scout Elf Carrier.

We are thrilled! The Lumistella Company’s partnership with Beaches Resorts represents two iconic brands coming together to create enormously joyful family moments…This collaboration will allow us to provide guests at Beaches with a dose of Christmas magic, The Elf on the Shelf style, and delight both the young and the young at heart.

Christa Pitts, co-CEO of The Lumistella Company.

Be Sure To Share Your Scout Elf’s Most Memorable Antics!

Elf on the shelf vacation- two elves enjoying cookies and milk on a table with card- kids activities blog
Make sure you capture your Scout Elf’s antics and share it with everybody on social media!

Let’s make the Scout Elf season even more fun! Families are encouraged to share their Elf’s most creative and imaginative tropical-themed holiday antics on their social media. But don’t forget to use the following tags and hash tags: #ScoutElfAtBeaches and tagging @BeachesResorts and @ElfonTheShelf.

More Information About A Fun Elf on the Shelf Holiday Vacation

elf on the shelf vacation- elf on the beach in a chair with sunglasses- kids activities blog
Want to know more about this Elf on the Shelf Vacation?

If you are as excited as I am about this Elf on the Shelf vacation and want to know more, than check out all the information and happenings at

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Elf on the Shelf vacation- two elves dressed like mermaids on the beach- kids activities blog
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We’ve created unique set of Elf on the Shelf props for you that you can print off and use every day to make moving Elf quick, easy and easy to remember.

–>Printable Calendar of a Month of Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Are you excited to spend time with your family and your Scout Elf in the fun and on the beach? Let us know your holiday plans!

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