To seven-year-old Isabella, nothing could be more dire than accidentally ruining Christmas for her family. At least, that’s what she was thinking when she accidentally knocked her Elf off the shelf with an errant ball only weeks before Christmas. In a panic, the little girl called 9-1-1 but then changed her mind almost immediate…once she realized she might get into more trouble for calling about something that might not be an emergency. An officer came to her home to check on the family and make sure everything was okay, and what happens next? You’ve just got to see! Take a look!

When I was a little girl I saw a commercial on television about calling Santa’s workshop and talking to him or Mrs. Claus directly. It was a 900 number and though I was supposed to get a parents permission first, I totally did not. I had the time of my life calling and talking to Santa and Mrs. Claus over and over…until the phone bill came in. Since I’m around to tell the story, it’s pretty easy to guess I wasn’t instantly murdered by my parents, and luckily neither was Isabella. To me, and to her, Santa was very real and luckily we both had adults in our lives who recognized that…and made sure we stayed off the phone from then on.

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