Elf on the Shelf Workout

The elf likes to keep in shape so that he’s ready for all of his mischief making!Elf on the Shelf Workout

What type of exercise routine does an elf do to keep in shape? Well, tonight the elf is sharing his workout routine with friends!

Elf Exercise

The elf workout routine is all high energy and fun. It’s the ultimate HIIT workout for elves! Tonight, the elf has his workout on printable cards to hand out to his friends, so that they can exercise with him.

He could be leading an exercise class or working out solo – he hasn’t decided yet, so he needs your help getting things set up. Don’t worry though, because his workout requires no gear!

Elf Exercises

Supplies Needed:

  • Elf Exercises Cards 
  • Scissors

Prep Time:

15 minutes

Elf on the Shelf Exercise

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