This Elf on The Shelf Advent Calendar Is Filled With Mini Toys To Bring Holiday Cheer To Your Kids

Kids are going to love this because Advent Calendars make the holidays so fun.

My kids are constantly asking me, “how many days until Christmas” and I can just say, go check the advent calendar. Ha!

With that being said, if your kids like counting down the days to Christmas, they need this Elf on The Shelf Advent Calendar that is filled with mini toys!

This advent calendar comes with 24 days of playable surprises including

  • 10 Elf and Elf Pet Minis
  • 1 mini plastic train engine
  • 5 mini plastic train cars
  • And more!

This would be something fun the kids can do with their Elf on The Shelf and countdown to Christmas Day.

You can get the Elf on The Shelf Advent Calendar Here. It’ll cost you around $33.

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