Elf on the Shelf Coloring Book

Elves love to color and this year the Elf on the Shelf brought a coloring book for himself and your child!
Elf on the Shelf Coloring Book

Break out the crayons, markers, colored pencils and more, because this year the elf brought an elf-sized coloring book for himself and a full-size coloring book for your kids!

Elf Christmas Coloring Book


Featuring multiple pages of coloring goodness, these coloring books let your kids color with their favorite elf in sight. To assemble the mini elf-size coloring book, simply cut out the pages and staple them together along the right side. It will make it a breeze to help your elf color in a few as he’s waiting to be discovered in the morning!

You could even print out a few copies and let the elves friends color with him!


Elf Coloring Book

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