Elf on the Shelf Lemonade Booth

This entrepreneurial elf is getting ready to turn lemons into lemonade with his printable Lemonade Booth!


Elf on the Shelf Lemonade Booth

Perfectly sized for your elf to get to work, this printable, 3D lemonade booth is a great spot for your elf to start selling his tasty drinks!

Elf Lemonade Stand

The printable includes a lemonade booth that can be cut out, folded and made to stand upright. This is perfect for pretend play and your elf will look great manning his stand!

There’s also a colorful “Lemonade” banner to advertise the booth, so that your elf can attract all of the business!

And don’t forget the lemonade stand sign that boldly displays the elf’s low, low lemonade prices!

We recommend printing all of the pieces out on cardstock to give them more stability and strength.

Elf Lemonade Stand

Supplies Needed:

Prep Time:

15 minutes

Elf on the Shelf Lemonade Stand

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