Elf Miniature Golf

Get your golf clubs ready, because the elf is on the green tonight and having fun golfing!Elf Miniature Golf

All your elf needs is a golf club and a mini-marshmallow to make use of this fun golfing printable!

Elf Golf

Your elf has a putting green and four holes to try and get his mini marshmallow in thanks to the foldable, printable pages. There’s even mini-flags that can be folded and put near the holes.

While you could print these out on plain copy paper, they work much better when printed out on heavy cardstock.

Just grab a candy candy for a golf club and a mini-marshmallow for the golf ball and you’re elf will be all set!


Elf Golf

Supplies Needed:

Prep Time:

15-20 minutes

Elf on the Shelf Mini Golf


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