Elf on the Shelf Goes on the Zipline

The elf is ready to take on a new adventure tonight and he’s going on a zipline around the house!
Elf on the Shelf Zipline

While your kids may know that using a zipline in the house isn’t a good idea, our elf doesn’t think there’s a problem with it at all!

Tonight, you may need to help your elf by stringing paracord or string around the house to help him get his zipline going. Make sure everything is tied tightly to hold his weight!

He may want to zipline from the dining room chandelier to the table, the ceiling fan to the television, or across the entire length of the kitchen. Just be careful that wherever he sets up his zipline, no one will walk through it and get hurt!

Ziplining Elf on the Shelf

Elf Zipline

Supplies Needed:

  • String or cord
  • Scissors
  • A chenille stick to drape over the yarn as “handlebars” that can be wrapped around the elf’s wrists

Prep Time:

15 minutes

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