This is the cutest Elf on the Shelf idea with a free printable full of different Christmas cocoa recipes that you can make and use the recipe cards and sweets as an Elf on the Shelf prop. Relax with Elf with a nice cup of hot cocoa!

text: Elf on the Shelf Elf-Sized hot chocolate recipe Download - Elf on the Shelf Scout doll shown with printable Christmas cocoa drink recipe cards
Let’s make these super cute Elf on the Shelf hot chocolate recipes!

Easy Elf on The Shelf IDea

This year relax with some Christmas Elf hot cocoa! There are 6 different Elf hot chocolate cards that you can enjoy with Elf while you wait for Christmas to come!

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How does this Christmas Elf hot chocolate recipe work? It’s quite simple.

Download and print The Elf on the Shelf hot chocolate recipe printables and follow the directions to make this delicious Christmas hot chocolate recipe card that you can also use as an Elf on the Shelf prop.

 Elf on the shelf hot chocolate printables with christmas background
I love the idea for Elf on the Shelf hot chocolate! Who doesn’t love hot chocolate?

Featuring elf and friend-size recipe cards for hot chocolate, this printable will set the stage for the best hot chocolate party of the season!

Printable Elf on the shelf christmas Cocoa Card

The best part of this easy Elf on the Shelf printable idea is that you can make a cup the Christmas cocoa with the Elf Scout!

Download the Elf on the Shelf Prop Here

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Supplies Needed For This Christmas Elf Cocoa

Directions To Make Elf on the Shelf Christmas Cocoa Cards

Time Needed to Set Up: 10-15 minutes

Step 1

Print out this Christmas Elf Hot Cocoa PDF.

Step 2

Cut out each Christmas Elf Hot cocoa cards.

Step 3

Set up your Elf with Christmas hot cocoa recipe cards with hot cocoa mix.

Cocoa Recipe Cards
I love this idea for Elf on the Shelf! You can enjoy a cup of Elf’s favorite hot chocolate.

Finished Elf On The Shelf Christmas Hot Chocolate ACtivity

Now you and your Elf can relax and enjoy a mug of hot cocoa with these free printable Christmas cocoa recipe cards while they wait for Santa!

Setting Up Your Elf On The Shelf Prop

Your finished Elf on the Shelf Christmas hot cocoa prop has limitless Elf on the Shelf scene scenarios! Here are a few ideas including the one above:

  • Position your Elf on the Shelf Scout around a cannister of hot chocolate with a recipe card in their hand.
  • Make a mess! Have a mug half filled with cocoa mix with some of the hot cocoa mix spilled next to it with Elf on the Shelf Scout holding a candy cane trying to stir it.
  • Have a cup of already made hot cocoa, only half filled, with the Elf on the Shelf Scout holding the handle with the Christmas hot cocoa recipe next to them.


“Most Scout Elves return to their families during Scout Elf Return Week—a week-long window at the end of November, leading into December. (This year’s Scout Elf Return Week will take place Nov. 24–Dec. 1.)”OFFICIAL ELF ON THE SHELF BLOG – WATCH SOCIAL MEDIA FOR THE #SCOUTELFRETURNWEEK HASHTAG!

a Month of Easy Elf on the Shelf Props & Ideas

We’ve created unique set of Elf on the Shelf props for you that you can print off and use every day to make moving Elf quick, easy and easy to remember.

–>Printable Calendar of a Month of Elf on the Shelf Ideas


Here at Kids Activities Blog we absolutely adore the original Elf on the Shelf Christmas tradition and we are so thrilled with The Elf on the Shelf Store on Amazon that can send you the original Elf quickly! Grab the Elf on the Shelf that suits your child best:

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To summon or call your Elf back to your home, you can do a number of things like:

  • Write them a letter inviting them.
  • Have a party.
  • Create a festive Elf area in your home.
  • Or leave out something they like… like treats!

Once they’ve returned for the Christmas season you can start our month long ideas of Elf on the Shelf.


There are just 3 rules:

  • Don’t touch your Elf or they will lose their magic.
  • They don’t talk, but listen well and kids tell all their wishes to them.
  • Scout Elves have to go back home on Christmas Eve to held Santa prepare for Christmas.

Of course, it’s okay for parents to touch the Elf to set them up, but these are rules for kids and it helps build the magic of Christmas. Though there are rules for parents too that come with the Elf when it comes to “touching” the Elf Scout in front of kids in case the Elf falls.


Sometimes the Elf may be more tired. It’s a long way from North Pole to your house. In case the Elf falls or falls asleep, adults can:

  • Use pot holders to pick up the Elf to put them back
  • Use tongs to save the Elf
  • Or in the case the Elf landed on something the children needed or something that isn’t great for the Elf to stay in all day…parents can also move them using the above methods.


It happens. Sometimes kids get curious or accidents happen. There are 3 things you have to do to bring back your Elf’s magic.

  • Write a letter apologizing to Santa for touching your Elf.
  • Sprinkle cinnamon next to your Elf as cinnamon is very good for them. (Skip this or use something else if there is an allergy.)
  • Sing a Christmas song with your entire family!

Doing these 3 things will bring the magic back to your Elf Scout! You can add on any other fun or silly things to do to bring your Elf’s magic back. These are just the suggested methods.

Yield: 1

Elf on the Shelf Cocoa Recipe Cards Idea

Elf on the Shelf Christmas Cocoa

Use the printable Elf on the Shelf prop to create a cute and easy Elf on the Shelf scene where Scout is making a delicious mug of hot cocoa.

Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty easy
Estimated Cost under $10


  • Elf-size Hot Chocolate Recipe Card
  • The ingredients to make the cocoa
  • Fun Christmas mugs
  • Your Elf on the Shelf Scout Doll


  • Scissors


  1. Print out this Christmas Elf Hot Cocoa PDF.
  2. Cut out each Christmas Elf Hot cocoa cards.
  3. Set up your Elf with Christmas hot cocoa recipe cards with hot cocoa mix.

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What kind of cocoa will you be making with Elf?

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