I really needed this laugh today!

So, as you may know, it’s Elf on The Shelf Season and that means that parents everywhere have to be creative with their elf’s shenanigans.

Well, one family in particular, had a total elf fail. They accidentally baked their elf on the shelf!!

Courtesy KCTV/Chelsea Hightower

Honestly, I could not stop laughing!! It is totally something I would do!

Chelsea and Matt Hightower in Kansas had planned for a fun filled day for their kids that is, until dad forgot the elves were in the oven and turned it on.

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Courtesy KCTV/Chelsea Hightower

“It wasn’t long before our oldest, Braelon, concerning yell from the kitchen,” she recalled. “Daddy! Who turned on the oven?!”


Thankfully their two youngest were in the playroom playing, so they only heard of their elves incident so ya know, they aren’t traumatized lol!

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After a nearly hour-hour search around Kansas City, three new elves were found and they told their kids that their elves were rushed to the hospital to make a full recovery.

“(He) feels horrible, but thankfully the Elfspital got them in quickly, and they are expected to make a full recovery after several hours of reconstruction and rest,” Chelsea Hightower said.


Their elves are back to their silly ways but let this hilarious parenting fail serve as a warning – don’t put your elves in the oven or at least double check they aren’t in there!

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