Today, we have 23 exciting large group activities for preschoolers from all over the internet. From a science experiment with oil and water to easy activities like a parachute game, we have large group activities for preschool children and kids of all ages.

Image has a blue background with a collage of circular pictures of large group activities, one is a brown drink in a glass, a large group of kids sitting on a large rainbow colored round mat, a game piece with multicolored writing and a bracelet of frootloops from Kids Activities Blog.
Playtime is more fun with large group activities!

Having fun activities suited for young children that will focus on gross motor skills while still encouraging preschoolers to have as much fun as a daily schedule will allow can be difficult with a large group.

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FAVORITE large group activities FOR preschoolers

Little children first experience large group play typically during preschool activities or summer camps. Social skills tend to be the focus of these with mostly free play occurring instead of advanced activities that meet needs like language development.

Large groups and preschoolers are great together!

That is one of the reasons why these large group activities are so perfect. Some small children can enjoy physical activity or literacy activities; while others will be singing and dancing or making slime. These fun group games for the preschool years are just plain awesome!

If these gross motor activities look like fun, but you’re not sure of your children’s needs, these activities can be a great way to have fun!

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1. Cheerios Bracelet

Image shows a child's wrist with a bracelet made of froot loops from Kids Activities Blog.
Accessorizing with food!

Making cheerios bracelets is a great activity to use fine motor skills.

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2. Counting Flowers in Your Neighborhood

Image shows pictures of the green foliage of flowers with a yellow flower and pink flower from Kids Activities Blog.
Let’s count flowers!

Counting flowers is a fun way to see different colors in your community. Or try one of our printable scavenger hunts that don’t require reading skills:

3. Fireworks Marble Painting

Image shows a child holding a circular piece of paper painted in red, white, and blue in a marbled design from Kids Activities Blog.
A great way to celebrate the USA!

Little hands will love this preschool activity of Fireworks Marble Painting.

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4. Robot Dance-A Little Gross Motor Fun

Image shows a hand holding tan popsicle sticks with black writing on them from Sara J Creations.
Let’s robot dance!

For extra fun with a group of children try this dance from Sara J Creations.

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5. Paper Plate Emotion Masks

Image shows half pieces of white paper plates with faces drawn on in black ink and tan popsicle sticks attached for handles from No Time For Flashcards.
Which mask will you make?

Facial expressions on paper plates make great masks from No Time For Flashcards.

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6. Parachute Games for Toddlers : Easy Activities for Early Years

Image shows a group of children sitting on a large multicolored parachute game from The Frugal Ginger.
A great game for preschoolers or older kids!

The large circle of the parachute means a good time for the entire class from The Frugal Ginger.

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7. Rainbow Wheel Color Matching Game for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Image shows a color wheel that is the color and word for the color written and colored together and a clothespin with the colors on them for matching from The Soccer Mom Blog.
Let’s match colors!

This color wheel is an easy way to teach hand-eye coordination with small objects from The Soccer Mom Blog.

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8. DIY Slime With No Glue Recipe (With Video)

Image shows fingers with green slime stuck to them from The Soccer Mom Blog.
Slime is so sticky!

Playing with slime is the best way for school-age children to have extra fun from The Soccer Mom Blog.

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9. One Song + One Ball = Fun And Learning!

Image shows a teacher holding a large striped ball with small children sitting around in a circle from PreK And K Sharing.
Beach balls are so much fun!

Grab an extra-large ball for circle game play from PreK And K Sharing.

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10. Circle Time Activities To Build Literacy Skills

Picture shows images of assorted sheets of circle time songs from Growing Book By Book.
Let’s sing about the mail!

Young students’ literacy skills are enhanced with these song sheets from Growing Book By Book.

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11. Learn the Alphabet Bingo Game

Image shows a letter bingo game with assorted colors of legos as the bingo chips in a clear bowl from Frugal Fun For Boys.
Classic game with a simple twist!

Great ideas for like this simple game from Frugal Fun For Boys helps little ones learn the letters of the alphabet.

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12. Silly Dust Bunny Puppets

Image shows a green and a blue microfiber hand dusters made into puppets from Early Learning Ideas.
Dust bunny puppets are super cute!

This fun activity from Early Learning Ideas is perfect for teaching critical thinking.

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13. Super Cool Lava Lamp Experiment for Kids

Image shows an orange lava lamp science experiment in a clear glass from Fun Learning For Kids.
Let’s do a science experiment!

Young students will have a great time with this activity from Fun Learning For Kids.

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14. Oil and Water Science Exploration

Image shows a clear cup of oil and water with glitter in pink and blue from Fun Learning For Kids.
Do they mix?

Children will want extra time for this activity from Fun Learning For Kids.

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15. Magic Milk Science Experiment

Image shows a child dipping a cotton swab in a shallow dish of red, green, yellow, and blue milk from Fun Learning For Kids
Can you make milk magic?

This experiment from Fun Learning For Kids is a great way to learn the different characteristics of liquids.

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16. Pom Pom Wall

Image shows two children playing with pieces of colored tubing in pink, green, yellow, blue, and orange attached to the white wall from Toddler Approved.
It’s the simple things at playtime!

Lightweight balls of pom poms provide hours of fun from Toddler Approved.

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17. Play Duck Duck Goose

Image shows children sitting in a circle  on a green grassy field from Childhood 101.
Duck, duck, goose!

Outdoor activities like this fun game are a blast with a large group from Childhood 101.

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18. What’s the Time, Mr Wolf?

Image shows a dark haired little girl with black framed glasses and a pink button up sleeveless shirt holding up two fingers in a peace sign from Childhood 101.
Mr. Wolf says 2 o’clock!

This game is a great math activity from Childhood 101.

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19. Toddler Time: Freeze!


Work on motor skills and following directions with this game from I Can Teach My Child.

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20. Please, Mr Crocodile

Image shows young children running through a field of green grass from Childhood 101.
Please, Mr. Crocodile!

All this game needs is your kids and the great outdoors from Childhood 101.

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21. Zoo Animals Roll And Move Game

Image shows a child's hands holding a blue box with a white card on it of a green alligator from Pre-K Pages.
Let’s roll and move!

Indoor games are more fun with animals from Pre-K Pages.

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22. London Bridge is Falling Down Game

Falling down, falling down!

London Bridge is falling down is a great game for small groups or large from YouTube.

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23. Pop Bottle Bowling

Image shows 6 green pop bottles standing or lying on a wooden floor from Hands On As We Grow.
Let’s bowl pop bottles!

Hands On As We Grow has a fun bowling game that can be adapted for any size crowd.

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Which of the large group activities for preschoolers are you going to try first? Which group activity is your favorite?

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