Gross Motor Skills for Preschoolers: Exercising Dice

IMG_2476 This is a spin off of a previous post.   The kids have a ton of pent-up energy today!   Time for a variation on the boredom buster dice.   We made an exercising dice.

With a dice and labels, we marked the sides of the dice with exercise options: Jump, Hop, Stomp, Clap, Arm Circles, and Crawl.   We added a few other “tools” from around the house, a rug, a scarf, paper plates, pillowcases, etc.

IMG_2479Here are some of the activities we did with our exercise dice and household items.   As we are studying bugs this week, the majority of our exercises followed a bug theme, but these can easily be adapted for animals or machines (ex: hop like a bunny, or crawl like a backhoe, etc.).   The kids loved rolling the dice to find out what their next “task” was!

  • Hop or Jump on and off the mat like a grasshopper.
  • Stomp on the paper plates – have someone else place them around the room, or do arm circles as you fly from plate to plate like a bee.
  • Race across the room or to another side of the house while crawling, hopping, clapping, etc.   Pretend you are a worm or a beetle
  • Toss the dice back and forth, doing whatever it says when you get it,
  • Hold onto a scarf and lead each other pretend you are ants on a mission to carry something somewhere
  • Do arm circles while holding the pillow cases   – pretend you are butterflies.IMG_2482
  • While doing arm circles, list the insects you know that have wings, while crawling or jumping discuss the insects that move like you are.
  • Clap and talk about the noises that bugs make.   My kids are fascinated with the way grasshoppers make noises with their legs – we tried clapping our feet.

What variations can you come up with, with your exercise die?

This activity is part of our insect/bug learning unit.   For more activities click the link below:

Bugs Theme


  1. These are really useful activities,as a mother of two 🙂
    I will be following to your page for my doughters.

  2. We do this at our homeschool PE class! We made 2 HUGE dice, one has numbers, the other has sit ups, push ups, etc. The kids roll to see what we will do, and how many!

  3. I made dice for a little exercise class that I do with the local preschoolers. I put pictures of animals on each side (currently: dinosaur, fish, bird, elephant, monkey and cat). I roll the dice and the kids have to act like the animal it lands on. I always encourage them to over-exaggerate the movements too, and they LOVE it! (Especially the dinosaur one!)

  4. Donna, that is such a great idea! We will have to modify our dice later to incorporate more creativity and free expression! My kids love mimicking animals!

  5. Thank you very much for the lovely comment on my blog! 🙂 I do not have a twitter account or facebook fanpage for my blog readers as of yet, but maybe when there is more of a following! 🙂

    I am glad that you like my blog, your comment really brightened my day! 😀


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