Animal camouflage is nature’s way to protect and hide creatures from predators.  Kids love a good scavenger hunt so I created a camouflage frog hunt to help my daughter understand how an animal’s coloring can help him hide in his surroundings and therefore stay safe.
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Let’s go on a nature scavenger hunt to learn about camouflaged animals!
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Animal Camouflage Activity for Kids

To create this activity,  I used a little frog outline from the free printable:  Frog Scavenger Hunt Printable from Kids Activities Blog My daughter and I worked together on coloring them.  We colored half of the frogs in bright colors and half of the frogs in camouflage colors which would be neutral or green colors.  For the camouflage colors, just adapt these to match the colors in your backyard.  Is it snowing right now?  Then leave some white! We cut them out as close to the outlines as possible.  You don’t want a lot of bright white paper showing on the neutral frogs because it will just show up as bright and ruin the camo effect. We had a cute collection of little frogs waiting to hop into our backyard. Frogs for an Animal Camouflage Scavenger Hunt

Camo Scavenger Hunt

When my daughter wasn’t watching me, I quickly hid our little frogs around our backyard.   I tried to match the neutral or green colors to similar colors in our landscape to represent camouflaged frogs.  The gray frogs were on tree branches, the green frogs were in grass, etc.  The brightly colored frogs were also placed on branches and in the grass. I set a timer for one minute and asked her to go around the yard and find as many frogs as she could before the buzzer went off. She had so much fun running around finding frogs! Animal Camouflage game from Kids Activities Blog

Camouflage Frog Hunt

Her results show how animals benefit being camouflaged in their environment.  She found four frogs in one minute.  Three of the found frogs were brightly colored and only one was a neutral color. We talked about how this meant that the camouflaged frogs would not be found as easily by their predators.  Therefore, the camouflaged frogs would be safer and live longer than the brightly colored frogs who were easy to see.

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  1. wow! i love the simplicity but effective learning in this activity 🙂 I don’t however see the free frog printable? Please assist

    1. Oh no! It just disappeared…I have added it back so you can now print the frogs for your scavenger hunt. Thanks for the heads up.