Duck Coloring Pages

Kids of all ages will have a blast with these duck coloring pages. Download and print them to learn about these cute birds, while having fun!

Grab these printable duck coloring pages that celebrate ducks: this pack includes two coloring pages ready to be printed.

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Duck Coloring Pages
Download and print the cutest ever duck coloring pages!

Free Printable Duck Coloring Pages

Ducks are beautiful and colorful birds that can live in places with water like marshes, oceans, rivers, ponds, and lakes because they just thrive in the water! There are many famous ducks, like Donald Duck, Daffy Duck, Daisy Duck, and Scrooge McDuck. In real life, ducks don’t talk or wear clothes, but they wear colorful and bright feathers to keep them warm all year round when they aren’t migrating to warmer places.

We are sure that kids of all ages, especially younger kids, will want to get these duck coloring pages to paint with vibrant colors while cultivating their imagination and developing their creative skills.

Let’s start with what you might need to enjoy this coloring sheet.

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This coloring page is sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.

Duck Coloring Pages Screenshot
Aww, isn’t this the cutest duckling coloring page you’ve ever seen?

Cute duckling coloring page

Our first coloring page features a cute duckling enjoying the fresh puddle of water! You’re going to love the big spaces in this coloring sheet: your kid can add more bushes or trees to the background, and color this cute little duckling with a yellow or brown color.

Duck Coloring Pages
The duckling has grown into a beautiful duck!

Beautiful duck coloring page

Our second coloring page includes a grown duck with beautiful feathers! This duck is enjoying the view, the sky is blue and the clouds are fluffy… He’s ready to fly away! This duck coloring page is great for younger kids who are learning how to draw and use big crayons, and they are also perfect for older kids who want to express themselves.

Duck Coloring Pages
Grab the cutest duck coloring pages right now!

Download Download & Print Free Duck Coloring Pages Here:

Fun Facts About Ducks You May Not Know:

  • Ducks are related to swans and geese.
  • Ducks are mostly aquatic and live in both fresh water and sea water.
  • Ducks are found on every continent except for Antarctica.
  • Ducks are omnivores, they eat aquatic plants, small fish, insects, and more.
  • Ducks are curious and friendly creatures.
  • Ducks have been domesticated as pets and farm animals for over 500 years.
  • Mallard ducks, the most common species of duck, live 5 to 10 years in the wild.

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