Toddlers can make Cheerios bracelets to strengthen fine motor skills and work on counting and patterning. We love Cheerios in our house. We eat them for breakfast all the time but we also play with them too. Do you remember those fun candy bracelets where candy beads are strung on a piece of elastic and you get to eat slowly eat the bracelet by biting off the candy pieces?   I loved those when I was little! Cheerio and Fruit Loop Bracelets Well, we made a healthier version of a candy bracelet by using just Cheerios and pipe cleaners (I didn’t have any elastic). making cheerio bracelets I twisted up one end of the pipe cleaner to serve as a knot. Then I showed my daughter how to thread the Cheerios on the pipe cleaners. I only had to show her how to do it one time and she excitedly grabbed the pipe cleaner and went to work. making a cheerio bracelet This really required her to use her fine motor skills. I love activities like this because it strengthens those little hand muscles, improves her hand/eye coordination, and works on her body control. These are all skills that will help her when she is ready to start learning to write. It didn’t take her long to eat her creation! cheerio bracelet Then I thought that it would add an extra bit of fun to use some colored cereal like Fruit Loops and have her make patterns on the bracelets. threading cereal on a pipe cleaner We also used the Fruit Loops on the pipe cleaner for a counting lesson. Once she had filled the pipe cleaner with Fruit Loops, I wrapped the   bracelet around her arm and secured both ends together. fruit loop bracelet She was so proud of her bracelet! There are just so many ways to use this fun snack idea to sneak a little learning into your child’s play.
 The Quirky Mommas have other great ideas for snack time learning:

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  1. What a fantastic simple idea my daughter has just mastered the art of threading so will love this and the fact that she can eat it after!