Do group art projects or play dates overwhelm you? Every day of art is a group project at our house (I have six kiddos) and my blood pressure still rises a bit as I get the paints out. Here are some tips that should help me, and the rest of you, from “the experts”.   These bloggers love doing process art with their kids. group art project with kids Before you get started on planning your group art play date, you might want to check out some DIY canvas wall art ideas  over at Crafts by Amanda.  They may steer you in a direction to create art that will last on your walls!

How to Host a Group Art Project Play Date

Protect your table surfaces.   Have tables lined with trashbags or vinyl table cloths. From Allison of No Time for Flashcards:If children need to wait in line during the project have songs and simple games like eye spy ready so no one gets bored.From Amanda of Not Just Cute:Have your exit plan. Think through your clean up so that you can keep that in mind for your set up. If you’re going to need a tub of water nearby to wash up paint-covered hands, for example, you’ll want that there at the beginning. Otherwise, those painty hands will go wandering while you play catch up! From Alissa of Creative with Kids:Make sure you have supplies available for each participant within easy reach. If you’re painting for instance, give each child a paint palette and their own brushes and brush rinsing cup, preventing arguments about who mixed the paint, who can’t reach the paint and so on. From Maggy of Red Ted Art:I also love group art where students work on individual pieces and it is then brought together to form a whole. This makes it manageable when working with a large art project with kids Use cut up sponges instead of paint brushes.   Then, when you are finished you don’t need to spend time soaking and rinsing brushes.   Just toss them. From Rachelle of Tinkerlab: “Plan.   Keep your cool by organizing all of your supplies ahead of time. For example, if each child will have a paint palette, lay these out and squeeze the paint on them before the project begins.From Christie of Childhood 101:Choose your art project wisely – selecting one that children of different ages and abilities can work on side by side.From Meri of Meri Cherry:Keep it simple! Stay mellow. Kids love art no matter what so don’t sweat the small stuff and go with the flow.From Sarah at Frugal Fun for Boys: “Put their paints and water cup near their dominant hand. Young kids don’t always think to move it, and reaching across the paper creates a mess!” What is your tip?  Or do you have a fun project to share?  We would love to hear about it on our facebook wall.

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