Let’s chat about the Nickelodeon Birthday Club.

Is your kiddo’s birthday coming up?

Nickelodeon is helping parents plan a special birthday treat your child will never forget. Kids can receive a personal and free birthday phone call from their favorite Nick characters.

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Get a birthday call!

Nickelodeon Birthday Club

As a member of the Nick Jr Birthday Club, you will get personalized birthday calls, free printables and activities and party planning tips.

All from your favorite Nick characters.

nick jr birthday call
Source: Nick Jr. Birthday Club

How to Get a Free Birthday Call From Nickelodeon Characters

Parents will need to “set up” the call beforehand by joining the Nick Jr. Birthday Club. On the site, first select who your kid will want to hear from. There are so many Nickelodeon characters to choose from! You can select from the following:

  • Bubble Guppies
  • Dora or Dora and her Friends
  • Peter Rabbit
  • Wally
  • Chase & his Paw Patrol friends
  • Skye & his Paw Patrol friends
  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Shimmer and Shine
  • Blaze
Nick Jr birthday call
Source: Nick Jr. Birthday Club

Info Needed to Set Up Nick Jr Birthday Call

The birthday club will ask for your info, to make sure you’re a grown-up, and guide you through setting up your call.

Set-up is super easy.

It asks for your kiddo’s info — including name and birthdate — to personalize the call as much as possible. 

Schedule the Birthday Call

Parents can also select what time to receive the call, so your phone will literally ring at the appointed time. Once a parent answers, the call gives you time to fetch your kiddo so he or she can hear their birthday greeting.

How awesome is that?!

Your kiddo will be so excited to get a personalized call from their fav Nick characters! 

If parents need to switch up the call time (or if your child decides on a new favorite Nick character), simply visit the settings and update your birthday call preferences.

Easy peasy, and so much fun. 

Nick Jr coloring page
Source: Nick Jr

More Perks and Activities from the Nick Jr. Birthday Club

The Nickelodeon Jr. Birthday Club also makes a home birthday party easy.

That’s because the club not only shares some great party planning tips, but also provides some fun (and free) printables. J

ust like the birthday call, the printables are sorted by character. 

Our Experience with Nick Jr Birthday Club

For example, since my 3-year-old is obsessed with Chase and the Paw Patrol, I know he’ll get love the cupcake toppers, “doggie bag” toppers that can be used with cellophane bags, and cupcake wrappers.

These are just a few options that are available for parents to print off and easily use at home.

Practically everything a parent needs to set up an at-home party (other than food) is right there in the Nickelodeon birthday club!

Plus, I have a feeling we’ll use the printable coloring and activity packs too even when it’s not my kiddo’s birthday.

Thanks Nickelodeon! 

Set up your kiddo’s free birthday call in the Nick Jr. birthday club here

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Are you a part of the Nick birthday club?

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