30 Exercises to Get Kids Moving While Stuck Inside

After a string of bad weather days, I can tell my kids sometimes just need to get moving and active.

If you’re stuck inside but want to encourage physical activity, challenge your kids to these 30 exercises, many of which require no set up. Not only are they healthy to do, but they can often reset bad moods. It’s a win-win!

kid jumping

30 Exercises to Get Kids Moving While Inside

1 – Run in place for a minute.

2 – Sit down on the ground and do a butterfly stretch. 

3 – Make an obstacle course (like this Super Mario Party one).

4 – Stretch up toward the ceiling for 30 seconds. 

5 – Bend down and touch your toes 10 times. 

6 – Do jumping jacks for 20 seconds. 

stretch exercise

7 – Make 3 juggling balls and learn to juggle.

8 – Practice some yoga moves with Cosmic Kids.

9 – Play ball toss spelling. Shout out a word. Challenge your kiddo to add a letter to the word every time they catch the ball. 

10 – Do Bosu exercises, like these

11 – Sit down and then stand up. Repeat 10 times. 

12 – Lunge to the right five times. Lunge to the left five times. 

13 – Clean the floor with sock mopping.

14 – Do 15 frog hops. 

15 – Blow up a balloon, and then hit it back and forth. Don’t let it touch the ground!

16 – Put pillows on the ground and play a game of lava. Don’t let your feet touch the floor! 

17 – Do a 15-second plank. 

18 – Put on your favorite music and have a dance party. 

19 – Play freeze dance. 

20 – Dance to the hokey pokey. 

21 – March in place for 30 seconds. 

22 – Practice the Alphabet with Alphabet Exercises

ABC exercises

23 – Stand on one leg. Put your hands out to the side. Count to at least 10. 

24 – Make and use an indoor hopscotch play mat

25 – Make arm circles going forward for 15 seconds. Reverse directions, and make arm circles backwards for 15 seconds. 

26 – Climb up and down your stairs 5 times in a row. 

27 – Put your legs into a pillow case and have a pillow case race across the room. 

28 – Do 5 squats. 

kid stretch

29 – Hop like a bunny 15 times. 

30 – Race around the house with an indoor scavenger hunt

Kids love to move, but sometimes they may need a challenge… or 30. All of these exercises will get your kiddos moving in different ways, and they’ll have fun trying to do them all! 

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